Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


55. 3

~I listened as they put their coats up and went to the tv. They never notice me quiet in my room. They never did. As long as I was quiet, they wouldn't have to put up with me. I couldn't help but be so silent. There wasn't much to do around my house but sit and do something silently. Boring, I know but I grew use to it after all this time. I slowly opened my door and walked down stairs. Dad came out of the kitchen door with one of his huge bottles of beer. Those were the object of my fears. If they were drunk, then his beatings were much worse.I stared at him which I knew was something I should never do.
"What are you looking at, you useless bitch?" I stayed silent and continued my staring.
"Stop that staring or else!" I wanted to drop my gaze down to the floor but didn't.
"That's it, bitch! This is for not doing what you're told!" He ran towards me and my nerves clicked into place as I tried to run back up the stairs. Unfortunately, I was too slow to react as he pulled me down onto the floor. He proceeded to kick and punch me like usual but this time it hurt worse. In the middle of his beatings he stopped suddenly. I looked up at him to see that something on top of the stairs caught his eyes. I gazed up at the stairs to see the man with pins in his head and the guy with his mouth exposed walking down them. My dad them looked down at me in anger.
"Who are these freaks? I thought I told you no visiters without my permission. What are these men doing here? Answer me!"
"Burn in Hell!" Before he could hit me, they got to him and showed him the meaning of pain. There were chains and hooks going everywhere around him and lodging themselves in his skin. He finally yelled in pain instead of anger. The very tissue of his skin peeled to the force of the hooks pulling away from him. Several even came out while they were pulling, leaving deep gashes in his body. Finally, the one with his mouth exposed slit my dad's neck to end his life. I felt a great joy of happiness to this sight of my father finally dead. His body was a bloody heap on the floor with long deep holes and scars all over him. I gave a slight laugh to this and was about to proceed in laughing like a madman until my mom came around the corner to the stairs.
"What the hell is all this racket back there?" When she saw the demons, then me, and my dad's dead body on the floor, she became quite fearful.
"What have you done to him?!" The one with his mouth exposed started walking toward my mom with the knife. That was not what I wanted to happen.
"No! Don't kill her! She did nothing wrong! It was only him!" I turned to the man with pins in his head.
"Please!" I begged,"I beg of you! Make him stop! I'll give you many other souls but leave her alone!" I could've sworn that I had tears in my eyes but couldn't really tell. He looked down at me for a moment and then sighed.
"Chatterer. Stop." The guy stopped and looked back at us,"We're done here." He came back to the man's side and chattered his teeth at me as he went by. Before they both disappeared, the man with pins in his head stared at me in a cold way.
"This better not occur often, child." He did scare me the way he looks at me and his tone of voice when he spoke. I went to my terrified mother's side to comfort her.
"It's all over now Mom. They're never coming back."
"How do you know? Did you make them come after your father?"
"You don't understand, Mom. I didn't want him to continue with what he was doing. I hated that man."
"I'm so sorry I didn't help you. I didn't want to hurt you but I'd be hurt if I told. I only drank so that I didn't have to see or hear what he did." She started crying and I held her in my arms while she confessed.
"But now I'm addicted! I can't stop!"
"Mother. We can get you some help. We can cure you and it will just be us and no one else." She nodded and I felt at ease with this. I looked at Dad's body and his blood leaking all over the floor.
"What do we do about him?" She looked over and stared at him.
"I know a place to put him where no one will suspect to find him." I helped her with the body and she led me to the car. We sat him in the back seat and she told me she'd be back in half an hour. After she drove off, I went back in my room to find that the chains and gloomy setting of a torture chamber were back in my room. I'm in for it now, I thought before seeing the four demons again.

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