Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


45. 3

~All night, I had done as he said and got my disguise ready, remembered things from all my scary movies, took a butcher knife from our kitchen (They never use it), and put his number in my phone and on speed dial. I didn't want anyone to know about my connection to Ghostface, so I just put GF instead of his whole name. It's a precaution in case my phone was searched. Today, I spent the morning wondering when Ghostface was going to call me. He never said exactly when but he did say it was today. I didn't know if he meant this morning, at noon, or in the afternoon. Maybe that was what why he never said. He's trying to keep me guessing and is probably watching me look at the clock every so often. I went into my bedroom and watched A Nightmare on Elm St. for awhile (Ha! Didn't see that one coming did ya? Anyways, back to the story). I watched up to the point where Tina's boyfriend, Rod Lane, is killed but looks like a suicde because he's hanging from the ceiling by the bed sheets. That's when my cell phone rang and I looked down at it. It had to be my cell phone because it had the Halloween theme song and I'm not watching Michael killing people. I looked at the caller ID and read GF.
"Hello, Nicole. Nice ringtone. That's the theme song from Halloween if I'm right."
"How do you know what my ringtone sounds like?"
"Because I'm in your closet." I look over at the closet door beside the tv, my heart pounding. I went up to it and turned the knob. I opened the door knob and saw nothing there. This guy was really starting to scare me now.
"Seriously, where are you?"
"I'm right behind you." I turn around and see him standing there, his mask frightening me at first.
"Why are you in my house? Wait, how did you even get in here in the first place?"
"I entered through the back door, came up to your room, and hid under your bed. I'm here so that we can start our first order of business."
"Okay, but why here?"
"Your parents are gone, correct?"
"Yes, but what if you're spotted."
"Then we'll have to go to a different place in your house where I won't be spotted. Do you mind leading me to where we can work in piece?" I went down stairs and into the kitchen but drew the curtains just in case. He came down with my plastic bag that held my disguise in it. I put it on the table and he told me about going to Sydney's party tonight. I knew some things about Sydney Prescott. She was like normal girls: Happy, nice, popular, and almost everyone loved her. She had a boyfriend named Billy Loomis. It didn't occur to me until I thought of it but Billy's last name is like Dr. Loomis from Halloween. Well, I don't really like him. He's pretty normal. Normal boy norma girl. I wonder how they ever get along. As he's telling me the plan I began wondering about something.
"Hey, Ghostface. Why don't you let me see what your face looks like?"
"I'm not sure if you'd report me to the police if I did or not."
"I don't even know your name."
"There's a thing called composite sketches. That's why."
"So, you trust me to be your accomplice but not to see your face?"
"Actually, I only made you my accomplice because we have similar enemies."
"What have any of those kids done to you?"
"Nothing. I just thought that I'd teach the suposed horror movie fans a lesson in real horror."
"So, all you're doing is going by the rules in horror films to kill them?"
"Yes. Is that a problem to you?"
"No. That's pretty unique. I'd really suspect my classmates to accuse me of such, though."
"Just because of your love for horror films?"
"Yeah. Ignorance really."
"Just out of curiosity, what's your favorite killer?"
"Freddy Krueger. I like his bladed glove."
"Looks like you and I have something in commen. Freddy happens to be my favorite killer, two."
"Wanna hear something funny?"
"Freddy's my favorite horror movie killer but Dead Silence is my favorite horror movie. Weird, huh?"
"Yeah. Weird. Just like you."
"You really do stalk people. At first glance, no one suspects me as being weird."
"Well, that and I overheard one of the students say you were going to kill them and you ran off." See what I mean? Yesterday, I was being watched by him and he saw me run off to my house. I'm telling you that I would've been his next victim if not of him asking me to be his accomplice. Paranoria helps me once again! I thought of why he would ever want me to team up with him. Maybe he knows my grudge against the kids at my school. He probably knows this because I also talk about it outside to myself (Yes, I really do talk to myself. I don't do this in front of people because I don't want them hearing my conversations. Do you think it's strange or something?). Well, with our plan ready, he leaves and tells me that he'll call me around 6:00 to get ready for my first night of killing. After that, my parents came home and I told them that a friend of mine was going to pick me up tonight for a little get together evening. They let me go even after I told them that we'll be careful in case the killer comes around. I grabbed my bag with my disguise in it and went to my room to finish the movie. As the clock ticked and it was finally time, Ghostface called me and told me to be outside my house when he comes rolling up. This made me assume that he was going to drive us there. I waited and here he came in his very casual black car. I slid into the passenger seat and we drove off to the party.

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