Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


36. 3

~I awoke in a dark room with faint lighting. I look around and see that I'm in some kind of old factory. I sit up and look more at my surroundings. That's when I spotted the creature from last night eating someone. I didn't know what to do. If I tried to escape, he'd probably catch me and kill me. But what will he do to me if I stayed here? But, he could've killed me last night and instead knocked me out. He could've even eaten me while I was asleep, right? So, there was some weird reason why I was still alive. I watched him devour the person like a hungery beast. Wait a second, I think he is a hungery beast. Well, I watched him until he noticed I was awake. He smiled and showed his teeth to me. They were all sharp and a mixure between yellow and white. I didn't know why he was smiling at me and if i should be alarmed or not. He then motioned me to come over with his fingers. I got up from this mound of blankets and came over to his side. I look at the dead body and recognized that it was Jimmie. I looked harder at him and noticed that he was better off dead in the first place. All of them were. I smiled slightly, not realizing that this guy was watching me. I looked at him and was finally able to get a good look at him. His skin was dark green, he had long white hair on the back of his head, folded bat wings on his back, claws on his hands and feet, and he was staring at me strangely.
"Thank you, sir," I said to him. He looked at me and somehow seemed to understand me. I was wondering what he was until my stomach grawled. He must've heard for he pointed to Jimmie with one of his sharp nailed fingers.
"Oh no. I don't eat humans. I eat what other humans eat." He smiled at me and it almost looked like he was laughing. Like as if he did that as a joke. He got up and put on a trench coat and hat. I guess that's what he wears out in public. He grabs my arm and makes me run through the factory. When we were outside, his wings popped out, he grabbed my waist, pressed our bodies against each other, and started flying. I knew in my right mind that I should probably not trust this creature but I clung to his shoulder blades so that I wouldn't fall out. I was very scared right now because I'm terrified of hights. He had his arms tight around my waist and back as if to say that he won't let me go. It sort of felt like a kind of protection. He soon landed near a diner that had a fair amount of people in it. I didn't recognize it as what my family would ever go to. At least I wouldn't run into anyone familar and have to explain the situation to them. Seriously, how would you be able to tell someone that your cousin and her friends were attacked and you're the only one left alive by the creature that did it, who you're still in contact with?
"Umm, thanks again, sir. Is it all right for you to come back in an hour?" He nodded and then flew off to the old factory. I was thankful that I brought some money with me in case we needed to go to town. Well, then again, I didn't know I was going to be stuck with a bunch of bad kids that ended up dying and I was the only survivor so far. I step through the door and sit down at a seat by the window. After ordering some food I fooled around with the silver ware until a woman slid into the seat across from me.
"Nicole Alkins?" she asked. The way she asked it was like as if someone had a list of names, read it off to that person up close, and then the person had to do whatever it was they were supose to do (You know, like a docter's office or school assembly). I never told anyone my name or any other information about me. I've never even met this woman before yet she seemed to know something about me.
"Ugh, yes?"
"I don't mean to scare you but bad things are going to happen unless you take matters into your own hands."

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