Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


31. 3

~My dad pulled into the driveway next to my car. I was screwed. How could I explain to him that there's a leprechaun in our house, drinking his beer. Then I remembered that my dad was so close to his beer that it meant so much more to him than anything else. If one can was misplaced, he'd be up my ass. I grabbed the leprechaun and forced him into my bedroom.
"What is it, lass? I'm trying to enjoy a good drink."
"Look, just stay in here until I come back. Got it?"
"What's the trouble?"
"I'll explain later. Just stay up here." I heard the front door open and my dad's footsteps making his way to the fridge.
""What the fuck happened to my beer?" he yelled. I came running down to see my dad's face was furious.
"Nicole Alkins, what the hell did you do to my beer?"
"I had a friend over and she started drinking. I couldn't stop her until you showed up and she escaped out the back door." Yeah, I said 'she' because my dad doesn't like me having boys over. He assumes bad things will happen if I do. He gives me a stern warning to tell my friend and I retreat to my room. The leprechaun was sitting on my bed counting his gold pieces. I sat on the floor and just watched him count. After he does that he starts asking me about myself. We end up learning about each other. I also agreed to let him stay for the night and had later went to bed. The next morning, he was still asleep so I thought I'd get an early shower before school. When I peeked through the bathroom door, he was still asleep. I began drying myself off, not thinking he'd wake up at any second.
"Hey, lass-" I turned around as he spoke and screamed. He was standing at the door in shock as I tried to cover myself. It was no use because I knew he'd already seen me naked.
"Get out!" I yelled and slammed the door quickly. This was getting out of hand. I just had to take a shower when he was here. I don't even know how he was going to react to me now. Was he going to be creeped out, perverted, or whatever else? I put my clothes on and walk out to see him sitting on my bed again.
"Hey, you didn't see anything, did you?" Of course he did, dumbass. What do you think?
"I saw nothing but your pale body of an angel." Okay, that had to be untrue because my body was as normal as anyone else's. That is unless paleness was normal.
"Look, that wasn't supose to happen. Can we just forget this little incident?"
"How can I forget? I can't remember the last time I've seen a girl nude."
"Well, try because I don't like people seeing my bare skin."
"A shy one, aren't we?"
"Yes. Very shy. Look, we'l talk about this later. I need to get to school. And don't spend your whole day imagining me naked." I picked up my backpack and head out the door to my car. Hopefully, today will be a little better. When I got to school, I was thankful that when the police questioned me they didn't suspect me of anything. Although, getting to class, I wished they sort of did so that they could take me away. The leprechaun was in the middle of a crowd of students who were asking him questions about him. He saw me and walk over.
"Hello, nice to see you again, Nicole."
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"I just wanted to see you."
"Well, you saw me. Now go back home."
"Are you bothered of my presnce now?"
"Yes. I'm in school and I really don't need any guests from home following me where ever I go."
"So, you want me to go now?"
"Yes. Go. I don't bother you so do the same in return, please."
"Fine, I'll see you at home after school." He disappeared after the teacher came in to calm the other students down. I really was having a weird week.

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