Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


20. 3

~As we came upon the town of Haddonfield, I began looking around at the place. It sure was a nice town to go to. The car stopped in front of a hard ware store and I looked at the man in the driver's seat.
"What are we doing here?"
"I need to get a few things." I watched him go in, take some items I couldn't make out, and run out before the owner came. He got into the car and sped off, leaving me confused. I didn't ask him what he stole, seeing that he was busy trying to get back into the normal speed limit. A little while longer, we drove up to an old house that looked like it'd been empty for such a long time.
"We're here," he said,"Get out." I got out and took my suitecases in with me and watching to see if anyone was looking. In the house, it was old, dusty, and everything the previous owners had were still here. I stood there looking around until I heard creaking in the kitchen. I walked in to see the man sitting at the table, eating who knows what. He looked up at me staring at him and offered part of whatever that was to me. I eyed it before taking it.
"You're gonna need your strength tonight. Eat it." I bite into this weird meat and found myself likng it.
"What is this stuff?"
"You're not easily disgusted, are you?"
"It was a rat I found in here." I looked at the him in shock then calmed down a bit.I shrugged my shoulders and looked back at the use to be rat.
"Well, rats taste pretty good then."
"You're a really strange girl, you know that?"
"I've been told. But, if you put it this way, we eat from a cow's intestines, so this isn't anything compared to that." He looked at me again but it almost seemed like he was a little amused.
"So, what's your name, sir?"
"Michael Myers. Yours?"
"Nicole Alkins. I killed the kids from my school a month or so ago. What are you in for?"
"Killing my older sister at age six."
"You were six-years-old when you first killed?"
"Yes. That's why I was at the mental hospital."
"What did she do to make you kill her?"
"She was too busybeing a little whore to take me trick-or-treating on Halloween."
"Wow, I was harrassed until I finally snapped."
"How long were you harrassed?"
"Since elementary school. No one likes me because I'm different. They're just so freaking ignorant."
"Why didn't you just let it go?"
"Because they wouldn't leave me alone. But I like it when they become scared of me. I don't know what it is. It's like some kind of thing inside of me that can't help but lash out and become a psychopath."
"Isn't that what happened in the end?"
"Yeah. I killed six children there with a knife. I wouldn't even leave without checking to see if they were truely dead."
"Why so brutal?"
"Well, they deserved it. What I was afraid of was if I got thrown into prison or recieved the death penalty."
"Instead you almost ended up at the mental hospital."
"Yeah. I think that was more lucky than anything."
"Why did they think you were crazy instead of sane and cold-blooded?" I was about to speak but we heard a girl's voice come from the front door. Michael quietly got up and saw the girl bend over and put something down on the mat before leaving. He looked out the screen door and watched her disappear. He came back and grabbed several knives.
"What's going on?"
"We need to leave before someone else comes around. He put on a white mask with light brown hair on it and saw me staring at him.
"Do I need to wear a degiuse, too?"
"I'd suggest you do that." I went to one ofmy suitecases and got out my black lipstick and black and white face paint. I painted the face white, put a lot of black on the eyes, and put the black lipstick on my lips. I looked like a dead girl just like the costume I wanted to wear tonight. This all took a few minutes to complete before we left to get into the car.
"Nicole, during the times we're out in public or killing don't talk at all."
"Okay." See? I told you being a creepy quiet person would become helpful one day. Anyways, we spent the whole day watching this girl and it seemed to be freaking her out when she saw us everywhere. Then, night came and Michael was making me watch him kill these people that seemed to be close to the girl. Then, the girl found the bodies of her friends and Michael had to do all the hard work trying to catch her and keep her in one place. This was quite amusing to see Michael do all this. But then, Dr. Loomis showed up and shot Michael until he fell off the balcony. I was so shocked that I couldn't make a sound. But, Dr. Loomis didn't seem to see me as anything but probably a friend walking in on this attack. I slipped out before he noticed the true me and found Michael...walking?

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