Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


83. 2

~I dozed off while watching tv and woke up to the door opening. Mom and Dad were finally home, so we could have supper and rest tonight. What sucks is that even on the weekends they have to go to work, so I'm always home by myself. At least it gave me some time alone in case I wasn't feeling so well one afternoon. I got up and went to help my mom in the kitchen. Tonight we were having some vegetable soup since it was a little bit last minute notice. After eating, I took a shower and got ready for bed. Sometimes, I only felt happy when I slept. When I dream, it doesn't have to make sense or be realistic at all. It's better than being somewhere I didn't like and suffering. The weekend went by like any other. Weekends were kind of boring at my house. They were nothing but a weak excuses to stay home from school. So, on Sunday, I tried keeping my mind busy with reading. But sometimes, I would look up to see what the new neighbor was doing. I don't know, I was bored and couldn't see anything through the windows but tried anyways. When it became night, I saw a light come on in the window across from me. The new neighbor was sitting at a desk and writing something with a lamp on. I noticed that he was wearing glasses too, showing that he probably needed them for reading. I watched him for a bit as he wrote whatever it was that needed to be written until he looked up and stared back at me. I still couldn't see much of this guy's features but his white hair and fair skin. He stared at me in curiosity rather than in anger, which amazed and confused me. Then, my mom told me that it was time for me to go to bed. It was a bit late so I got ready for bed.

Killer's POV

"It has become known that the Schiziod Killer is on the run once again and that everyone should watch out for him. He is known to go after high school students that would be categorized as distant or loners and don't socialize so greatly. We are to advise that high schoolers travel in groups so as not to be confused or become a victim of the Schiziod Killer. He may try to act like a friendly neighbor but be alert for anyone who tends to stick around your child too often. If you have suspicions that someone acts like the Schiziod Killer, you are to contact police..." There went the news describing almost everything about me tonight. Now everyone's going to be on their guards. I hate that. Looks like I'm going to have to lay low for awhile. I decide on making a little plan on how to deal with this for the time I'm here. At least I was smart enough to not leave any fingerprints or hair samples for the police. Then I'd have to dye my hair and change the way I look. Writing down some things I'd have to do cautiously, I look out the window and see a girl staring at me. I'm guessing she was staring for awhile but I decided not to take my gaze away from her. I think I remember her from Friday when she probably noticed I was a different face. She looked away to maybe her parent calling her and she drew her curtains. I went back to the writing and put it away in the desk before going to bed myself.

Nicole's POV

Wake up. Go to school. Get teased. That's basically all that happened today if you want to know. But, when everyone got on the bus today, the driver had an announcement to make on the speaker.
"In case you haven't heard, there may be a serial killer amoung us called the Schiziod Killer. Everyone is advised to stay in groups when they leave and before they enter the bus. If you can't do that, try to have a legal guardian with you until the bus comes to your stop. We ask this because this maniac kills kids who are loners or don't socialize much. Try to stay safe everyone." That was the first I heard of a murderer on the loose. Now I'm afraid of being alone at the house.
"So, this wack job is schizo?" I hear a teenaged boy ask aloud.
"I guess so," answers a not so very smart girl. And how would she know what schizophernia was? I'm nudged on the shoulder and that same skank from Friday is who I see.
"You haven't given any ideas like everyone else has. Are you trying to not socialize with us?" Everyone starts making an ohhh noise after she speaks.
"The Schizo Killer's going to get you!" another teenaged boy says in a mocking voice. I've had about enough.
"Okay, look. It's schizoid not schizo. Schizoids are people with poor social skills that choose not to talk to others and are classified as loners."
"Whatever. It's not like it matters. Now, this guy's going to kill you because you don't talk to anyone. I think it serves you right." I sighed at their ignorance. Oh, their petty ignorance will surely kill them one day. The bus stops at the apartment buildings and I get off with several other kids. But as soon as the bus drives away, teenagers young and small crowd behind me and kept saying things about the Schiziod Killer coming after me. Then, someone knocked my books down and they started laughing. Now, the stitches were really snaping.
"Shut up before I slit all your throats!" They get a bit alarmed but look like their coming back for more.
"Hey! Get away from her!" I hear this voice from near by. I look over to see the same man with white hair come towards the crowd and they all turn to go home. He kneels down to me and I can see that he is no more than probably 24-years-old with fair skin, and bright green eyes. He picks up one of my opened books and stares inside the front cover of it. I realized that he was looking at my school journal I keep around to write down my problems when I'm at school.
"So, your name's Nicole Alkins?"
"Umm, yes, sir. Can I have that back?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. Is this a journal or something?"
"Yes. It's what I use in school for when something happens or I have something important to write down."
"That's interesting. Are you planning on being a writer?"
"Yes." I get my books gathered up and the mab hands me my journal. His hands were very smooth and cold. I felt a bit shy when his hand brushed up against mine. It was just really weird for me to feel this from a stranger.
"Ummm, what's your name, sir?"
"You're polite. Sorry for being so rude. My name is Sampson White."

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