Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


78. 2

~I woke up to the smell of breakfast being made. I sat up and noticed that I was on a couch with a blanket over me. I guess that woman did this after I fell asleep. I looked around at the very clean cabin and the woman cooking some eggs and bacon. She noticed me awake and came over to me.
"Did you sleep okay last night?" she asked while feeling my forehead.
"I guess. I'd really like to get back to my camp now. My friends might be worried."
"At least have some breakfast, child. After you eat I'll escort you back to your friends." She led me to the table and I ate the food she laid out for me. She was a very good cook and acted so motherly.
"What's your name?" I asked.
"Ida Forester. Sorry I didn't mention it last night but you were too frightened to notice. What's your name?"
"Nicole Alkins."
"What a lovely name. I have a husband who works as a park ranger here. Do you have a boyfriend or husband by chance?"
"No. I don't really have the chance to meet people and I'm too young to marry."
"Oh, I just ask because you never know with kids these days."
"So, you're a Christian?"
"Yeah. I'm not really religious but I do respect the Lord above us."
"We don't find many kids like you, you know?"
"I know. You don't really need to tell me. I know how a lot of people our age act." We stayed silent and finished the breakfast she laid out. After we got the dishes put into the sink and the left overs put away, Ida and I went to the camp. But as we came upon the site, I noticed that everything and everyone was gone. I remembered exactly where the site was and retraced my steps from when I ran. It was sad and I wondered why they would leave me behind. Ida comforted me and tried calming me down.
"I think I know why this happened," Ida stated, "You said those boys were hanging around here, right?" I nodded, to caught up in my sobs to speak.
"Well, those boys will do almost anything to have a good time and they like to make up nonsense stories. They probably said that you were attacked and eaten by a bear or something. If you want, you can stay with me." I felt like I didn't have any choice and nodded. Ida and I made it back to her house where she made some tea to calm me down. She seemed like such a great mother figure, I couldn't see why she didn't have any children.
"Yes, sweet heart?"
"Do you have any children?"
"No, I'm afraid I don't."
"Why not? You'd make a great mother."
"I know. My husband tells me I'm a natural born mother. I just can't have children. Well specifically, I can give birth but the children die after they're born."
"I'm sorry."
"It's all right. You didn't know. It would be nice to have a child to care for and hold."
"You know, even though I'm a complete stranger, do you think I could be kind of like a child for you?"
"I guess that would be okay. you can help me around the house and stuff." And so, I became her grown up daughter for awhile. We cleaned the house together, cooked, went out into the forest, and many other things. But then, weeks later, she led me down into the basement where there were many rooms. All filled with objects of torture and things only the insane keep around there. And that was also the day I met Ida's husband and her brother, Deacon.

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