Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


74. 2

~The smell of dust and a bright beam of light were the things that woke me up. I sat up and had a splitting headache on the back of my head. To think, that ground was even hard enough to leave me a horrible headache. I just realized that I wasn't outside but on an old dusty bed. I guess I was dragged back to the house with the skeleton guy walking around in the basement. And wouldn't you like to know how correct I was? That guy from last night was sitting next to me on a chair. He was definately a mixture between a mummified corpse and a skeleton. He even had long white hair that that resembled that of most corpses. Either this guy was dead or this was one very realistic Halloween costume.
"What are you?"
"I'm the Crypt Keeper and this is my house that you decided to trespass in." His voice was strange. Kind of high pitched but still sounding like a male. I guess that would explain why his laugh sounded so crazy.
"My car ran out of gas and I was trying to find somewhere to stay for the night. I'll leave if you're mad."
"I'm not mad. Even if I were, you can't leave."
"Your ankle's twisted pretty bad. It'll take awhile for it to heal."
"I think I can manage." I move over to the side of the bed and stand up. I take a few steps then felt a horrible pain from my right ankle and fell to the ground.
"See? I told you," I heard him comment after I fell. I got on my hands and knees and crawled back to the bed.
"What am I going to do now?"
"Just what I told you. You're staying here until your ankle's fixed. Don't worry. I'm not going to cut you open and do experiments on you while you're here." He laughed and I couldn't tell if he was joking or really going to do that. The shocked expression on my face made him laugh harder.
"It's just a joke!" This guy was strange. If I have to be in the same house as him, I might have to study him and what he does. I guess it couldn't be too bad. This guy, the Crypt Keeper, is probably just lonely too. Maybe he needs someone to talk to or something. While he was still cracking up, I noticed my stuff was in the room. They were still packed up and piled in the corner of the room.
"You actually, went out into that pouring rain to get my stuff?"
"No. I got that this morning when you were still asleep. There was no point in going out in that down pour, so I got them when it was clear but still dark. Hey, you don't have anyone that's going to miss you, do you?"
"Why do you want to know that?"
"In case they think you're missing when really you're just trying to heal your ankle."
"Not really. My parents kicked me out, my boyfriend left me, and one of my closest friends didn't want me to stay with her."
"Why didn't you stay in town if you were you homeless? What brings you to a place like this?"
"I was headed to town but I missed several of the exits and ended up drivingon this deserted road to here. I ran out of gas and saw the candles lit and that's how I ended up here."
"Do you like to tell stories?"
"Umm, yeah. I write stories, actually."
"Wait here." He left the room and went down stairs. I couldn't hear anything else after that and wondered what he was doing. After awhile, I started to think that he was fooling around with me.Why? I have no idea, it just seemed his character to mess around. He then appeared at the doorway with a big book in his hands. He came over and set the book on my lap.
"What is it?"
"It's a book with many stories in it. I call them Tales from the Crypt." (You saw that coming, I know it)
"That sounds pretty interesting. Are they horror stories?"
"In a way. That should keep you business while your ankle heals." He leaves and I start to read the endless pages of these strange yet entertaining stories. By the time it was noon, I hadn't even read a quarter of the book! I guess both my ankle and this book will be awhile to finish. Comes to find out, this book is one of the Crypt Keeper'd most prized possessions. He owns others but this is one of the most important to him. He said he'd show me around the house when my ankle was a little better. The Crypt Keeper was not as scary as I thought he was. Then again, I wasn't prepared to see a walking dead guy. I was ready for in case there were murderers, rapists, or cannibols. Not a dead guy. Well, I have to deal with it whether I like it or not because it looks like I'm going to have to stay. No bother. I just wish I hadn't gotten all screwed up in this. It's okay being here and all but I just really wanted to go home. Home sickness hitting me already. Oh well, I can't help what I got myself into. Until then, I guess I'll just lay here and read this book.

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