Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


67. 2

~"What are these?" he asked. My folder was closed and the paper was stacked back into their original pockets. If this were someone else, I'd be mad and seeing if the pictures were in their same order. This was Isaac, though, so I had to explain now and check things out later.
"Those are my thoughts, Isaac. That's what runs through my mind all day." He looks down at the pictures, tapping his fingers on the desk. He was in deep thought like me. Actually, my mind was racing. I had no idea what he was thinking or what he was going to do with me, knowing what I hold in my thoughts. I look at his face for a minute. He looks cute, as always even if he's possibly mad at me. I know I sound kind of obsessive right now but that's not important. He looks up I stand there in fear as our eyes lock.
"Well," he starts,"I can say they're pretty good."
"What? You mean, you're not going to punish me for this?"
"Punishment? Why would I punish you for this?"
"It's just that-"
"She's afraid because everyone bothers her about her mind. Remember in class when she'd be called a freak just for liking to do dissections when they came up?" Correction, Malachai, I laughed my ass off. I guess that would count as enjoyment.
"How'd you find them, though? This wasn't in my room."
"Someone told Malachai they saw you in your father's old office. He went there to see what it was and found the drawer locked. Just keep those somewhere in your house for now on."
"I can't. Everyone messes it up during those searches of yours."
"Do you want to keep them here? No one searches the church, you know." Me keep my drawings in his church? I don't know what to expect now. But, what if I had another drawing and I had to be here to put it away? And what if Isaac was still here? I could yes but I don't want Isaac here every time I have a new creation. It makes me nervous when he sees me or if I'm in the same room with him.
"I guess so. Just please let me see if their in order."
"They're still the same. No worries, Nicole."
"Oh. Please, if you look through them, don't get them out of order."
"You can trust me, Nicole. You can go back to what you were doing." I smiled and bowed my head. I couldn't believe that my crush liked my drawings and even asked to keep them safe in his church. Have I just died and gone to Heaven? But, why would he do this for me? He doesn't yet know about Mary's psychic ability and her drawings that prove it. Well, he may find a use for her one day. That's whenI realized a very terrifying thing about my pictures. Yes, they were all dark or about a form of death but one of them was not supose to be seen by Isaac. When I mean this, I don't mean about everyone thinking I'm possessed. I drew a picture about Isaac and I kissing. It wasn't dirty.It just showed our lips touching, our hands clasped together, and the background was dark with a full moon and stars. If this were any normal boy I wouldn't feel so scared oftheir reaction. But Isaac is our leader! We all look up to him! I feel like I might die. And not because I'm very embarassed or that I really like Isaac. What if he speaks of this during prayer or on Sunday? I didn't think of going back to play with the other kids. I can see that they are already too into their game to care of my absence. I go to my room and begin to cry on my bed where, hopefully, no one sees me.
"Hey, Nicole," I heard Job say throught my window. He must've wanted to see where I went.
"Oh, hey, Job. Sorry, I'm just a little sick with this heat."
"Nicole, you were crying, weren't you?"
"What's wrong?" He climbed through my window and sat next to me on the bed. I swear, he does this a lot I just know he's going to sneak into his girlfriend's room when he gets older. I feel bad that they live by themselves. I offered to let them move in but they refused. But, if Job's parents were still here, he grew up, and then got a girlfriend, there's no denying that he'll try to sneak into her room.
"Job, it's really nothing you can understand. You're not really old enough to know yet."
"About what?" I took a deep breath. I didn't tell him about my crush on Isaac either even though he was my friend. I'm just afraid that he'll tell someone and they spread that around. I guess it wouldn't matter now.
"You know how the parents like to hold each other and kiss?"
"Yeah. That's love. What's this got to do with you?"
"Well, I like Isaac that way." He looks up at me in shock.
"How could you? He killed our parents!"
"I've liked Isaac before that, Job. I don't know why I like him but I do."
"Nicole, I knew you were weirder than most girls but how could you like him."
"I don't know. Would you rather me say I like Malachai?"
"No! That guy scares me."
"So, now you know why I'm upset. Happy now?"
"I'm going to see where Mary is." He doesn't climb out my window but goes out the front door. Now everything is definately screwed up. I thought I was in Heaven but ended up right back in Hell...

Malachai's POV

Nicole looked at first hesitant but then happy knowing that Isaac was going to keep her pictures here in the church. I've known that she was always more different than the other girls. She was stranger than some of the tomboys here too. I'm not really disturbed by these pictures or her. She hadn't changed since we killed the adults. She hasn't acted out of place, broken any of the rules we use to follow, or keeps her home messy. It's always messy when we leave but she chooses to clean everything up. I still don't see what Isaac sees in her. She's acting exactly like an adult! Didn't we already kill them? She's doing this willingly too! She not actling mature to make things right or because of what her parents told her. As she leaves, I look over at Isaac as he smiles when she leaves.
"Isaac, what do you see in her?"
"You always ask me this, Malachai."
"You like her because she's different," I say, clearly annoyed with this, "But she acts like an adult. Hell, she looks like an adult!"
"Malachai. I can't help that I like her. I've liked her even when her parents wouldn't let her near me."
"What makes you think she'll like you? You made us kill everyone, including her parents. What makes you think she'll ever forgive you for that?" I know I hit a nerve because he had a hard time getting over that. I looked down at picture of them kissing. It was a good picture but not to my particular interest. I walked to the door but heard Isaac get up. I looked and saw him put the pictures in a cabinet.
"Don't speak of this to anyone," he said, still looking down. I rolled my eyes at the heart sick teenager and leave. Walking back to where the kids were playing, I saw Job and Nicole talking. She looked upset about something. I listen and hear some very de ju vue talking. It sounded like Nicole liked Isaac, too and Job is asking how could she. He was ran outside but I caught him. He looks up at me with startled eyes.
"Job, I don't care what you heard, don't tell anybody about this. Mary doesn't need to know either. If you tell, you know what's going to happen, right?" He nods. He doesn't know but he has enough fear to guess.
"Good. Now run along and play or whatever you kids do." He runs off and I look up at Nicole's window. She's silent, as usual. She must be depressed about something. What do I care, though? I walk off and start to think of some things. It's about time to end this stupid crush thing once and for all...

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