Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


54. 2

~When I opened the door, I saw that my parents weren't home. Thank God. Now I can put this somewhere safe so they don't grow suspicious. I go to my room and decide to hide it in my dresser when they get home. But then, as I'm looking at this box, I want to figure it out to see what it does. I sit on my bed and move it around to see what to do. I saw this silver circle on it and traced my thumb around it. Pressing it, it actually makes the box move and change shape. I grew excited and started to fool around with the box. It was becoming really fun and I felt like I didn't want to stop playing with it. But then I couldn't move anything on it and it just stood there. I was now pissed. My every desire my ass. This is only fun until you finally solve it. I look down at the misshapened box in disappointment and go to putting it back together. All of a sudden, it started moving on its own again without me touching it. Then, hooks came out, attached to the back of my head, and I couldn't help but yell and see my room being changed. The hooks came off my head and I saw my room resemble what looked to be a torture chamber. Well, you know how most think perverted at certain things? A torture chamber was what came to my mind when I looked around. Before I could think of what to do with my room, these abnormal looking people appear out of nowhere. There were four of them lined up on my wall and staring at me.There was a guy with his mouth exposed by wires, a woman with what seemed to be a hole in her neck and pulling back the skin around it. I also noticed what appeared to be a nail through her nose. There was also a big guy with sunglasses and a huge gash on his stomach and a man with pins all over his head. I was both shocked and amazed to see such strange people in my life. I slowly walked towards them and felt a strange feeling of fear come over me as I get a closer look at them.
"Are-Are you the angels of death?" It was the guy with pins in his head who spoke first.
"Angels to some, demons to others, child."
"So, are you going to take me to Heaven?"
"Your soul will come with usto Hell."
"Why? I don't want to go to Hell."
"Your sins have marked you for your fate."
"What sins? What have I done bad?"
"It will be easy for you if death is what you've always wanted."
"Yes. I want to die but not like this!"
"What's the difference? It's all the same either way."
"But you're a demon from Hell! I don't trust you with my life!"
"Trust. You have trust for no one, child. You need not worry. We'll take good care of you." He comes closer to me and the others behind him begin to laugh at my horrid faith. But why did I have to go? It's my dad who's made more sins than me. That just made me realize something.
"Wait! I know someone who'll be more worthy of this fate than I! If you kill me, I won't be as satisfying! His sins are greater than mine!" He stops and looks at me for a moment. He was thinking of something and I hoped that he would go with my idea.
"So, you're willing to bargin someone else's soul for the sake of your own?"
"Yes.I'll do anything." He extended his arm toward me and waited as I shook it. His hand was very cold. Almost like ice.
"You know," he says to me,"Shakng my hand is almost like making a deal with the Devil. Maybe you'll end up here after you die." They laugh at this and I pull my hand away at the realization of what I'd just done. They disappear and my room was back to normal. But, as soon as that happened, I heard the front door open and my parents talk about their day. It was now time for me to make the deal happen.

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