Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


35. 2

~I stared up at the sky in wonder and confusion. How could there be a bat out in broad daylight? I'm no expert but bats come out preferably at night, correct? Although, I couldn't tell if it was a bat or a weird looking bird. I pondered about this for several moments until Taylor, of all annoying people, came up behind me and hugged me. The sudden impact made me jump and scream the moment she touched me.
"Hey, baby," Taylor says to me,"Did I scare you?" I pushed her off of me and gave her a death glare.
"For the last time, bitch, I'm not bi."
"Oh, don't worry. Just hide in that closet until you feel safe to come out." I suposed she meant I was a closet bisexual, which annoyed me a lot.
"Taylor, honey."
"Yes?" She makes a face that made me see that she was just acting about being bi. I finally got her. I walk up to her face really close. Close enough for me to smell her wretched breath of drugs and probably beer if they'd brought it (Wouldn't be surprised if they did).
"Taylor, I hope you die." I whisper and then back away before her foul breath made me sick. She looks at me almost as if I'd gone mad.
"Why would you say that? That's very mean."
"Ha! Mean? Look at yourself. You've been acting like a scared puppy clinging to me the whole ride here. I really don't like you so stop pretending that you do." She walks off and I look back up at the sky to see that bird or bat thing had disappeared. I walk back to camp with a mental smile of how I dealt with Taylor. I don't mean to be an ass but she really deserved it.

Later that night

I watched them as they started getting high and drunk off the shit they brought. This helped me with my question on if they could really survive out in the wilderness. Nope. I couldn't see it happening. Well, besides that they were getting high and drunk, other things were happening. Bess and Paul were making out like crazy, Deanna was getting nude for a brain dead Devon, Jimmie was watching each couple while laughing, and Taylor was passed out on the ground with this dazed look on her face. I got bored and disgusted of watching them and decided on going to sleep. Hopefully, nothing happens to me while I'm asleep, which I highly douted and feared. I slipped into the sleeping bag of the tent Bess and I were sharing for the trip. I eventually drifted off to sleep, hearing the noise of these people slowly killing themselves. All was calm besides that. That was, until I woke up some time later and saw Jimmie touching me inappropriately. My mind might've been in a daze but I sure had the intensions to rip this asshole's head off. I do not want to be touched by this pervert and he'll pay for ever thinking about it. As I was going to muster up the stregnth to kick him in the nuts, he screamed and was pulled out of the tent. I thought that maybe one of his friends were playing a joke on him, so I tried going back to sleep. Then, another body crawled on top of me. I was about to go off when I noticed that this person had an oder to it. Sort of like a decaying smell. What was weird about it was that it was sniffing my body. I felt afraid, wondering if it was going to kill me. I then felt something else that both confused and alarmed me. Down in my pants I felt something wet form. I wasn't peeing I was...turned on? It started inhaling me down there and I got even more scared yet the wetness continued. Suddenly, I was dragged out of the tent to see that everyone was dead. I looked at this person and saw that it was a male yet some kind of creature. Before anything else happened, he knocked me out.

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