Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


30. 2

~I stepped through the front door with that small man behind me. I couldn't deny that he had some strange things about him so I guess I had to call him a leprechaun. I knew my dad wouldn't believe any of this. I seemed to notice that he was not home and decided to go up to my room. I almost made it up the stairs when I heard the leprechaun yell from the living room.
"I thought we were having tea!" I groaned and came back down to see him sitting on the couch. I went in the kitchen and started making the tea wondering why I didn't just throw him out when I had the chance. Coming back in with the tea, I gave him some and sat down in dismay. This was not how I wanted my Tuesday to go.
"Ah, a very fine tea you've made," he said after a few sips. I just stared at him as he drank. I was really getting annoyed.
"Why did you decide to come here?" I asked.
"I told you. I need a place to stay for a while."
"Why couldn't you go somewhere else?"
"Do you dislike my company?"
"Kind of. You just followed me after you killed four guys at my school."
"That was your wish, no?"
"Yeah, but I didn't know it would come true. I thought they were joking around."
"Well, I would've killed the one who took my coin anyways."
"I don't like people stealing me gold."
"He stole it?"
"I dropped it, he found it, he didn't return it, and I killed him."
"What's so important about your gold coin? Is it an antique or family heirloom?"
"No. It was me 100th piece that I've been missing."
"I'll prove it to ya." He points his right index finger at the coffee table and made a pot of gold appear. There were gold pieces all the way to the top, almost overflowing the pot.
"Wow, you really are a leprechaun." I picked up a gold piece and examined it in the light. It looked quite old and very real. I tried bending it and it was as stiff as any other coin. I put it back in the pot and started sipping on my tea again. I looked over at the leprechaun to see him look at in shock.
"What?" I asked, confusion written all over my face.
"You're not going to try and steal it?"
"Ugh, no. Why do you ask?"
"Don't you feel overcome with greed by seeing it?"
"No. I'm not greedy. Besides, it is yours so why bother?"
"That's quite unusual. Don't all mortals become greedy from the sight of gold?"
"Many but not every single person on Earth are like that."
"But why do you not want to have any of this? It's such a great thing."
"I can't find any use for it or money. I grew up without much so I don't really care for money. I know I'll have to use it in every day life but I could really care less about it."
"Hmmm, strange. What is your name by the way?"
"Nicole Alkins."
"Do you mind if I stay for a few days?"
"Yes actually. Don't you have some other place to go to?"
"I can find that out tomorrow." I sighed and finished my tea brfore putting it down. Really screwed up Tuesday, I'll tell you that. I was starting to really wish I were in the twilight zone right now. It would probably make more sense to me if I were.
"Do you have any whiskey?"
"Whiskey. Do you have any?"
"Ugh, no. My dad has beer, though."
"Beer? What's that?"
"Sort of like whiskey but a different taste."
"Have you drank it before?"
"No. I've smelled it." I took the cups, put them in the sink, and led him to the refrigerator. I took a can, opened it, and gave it to him. He drank a sip and made a satisfied face. Then, he started chugging down the whole can. Shit, that's right, I thought to myself, He's Irish. He can hold his liquer or beer pretty good. I'm screwed! He got another beer and started drinking that one too. I then heard a car pull into the driveway. It was my dad.

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