Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


19. 2

~I woke up to someone shaking me roughly. I opened my eyes to see the man from last night next to me in the back seat of the car. I rubbed my eyes and realized that my handcuffs were off. He pulled me out of the car and pushed me out towards the road.
"What was that for?" I asked in a kind of pissed off tone.
"This is your stop kid." he said. I was actually surprised that he talked to me after the silent treatment he gave me last night.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm not carrying you around with me everywhere I go. Trust me, being in that place is a living Hell."
"The mental hospital?"
"Yes. Now go, kid."
"Yeah, I can't do that."
"And why is that?"
"Because I don't know where the hell I am. Are we even still in Illinois?"
"Yes. And I'm not taking you with me."
"What do I care? I can't even go home."
"Oh, is that right? Neither can I."
"And why's that?"
"Does it matter?"
"In a way." He sighs and looks at me in that emotionless stare again.
"If I bring you with me you will just slow me down."
"What the hell is so important that doesn't involve me?"
"Look overin those bushes." He points toward an area where a truck had been left behind. I look in the bushes across from it and saw a man who appears to have been stabbed in the chest. I look over at the man to see that he was still staring at me. I walk back over to him and keep a little bit of a distance between us.
"You're a murderer?" He nods.
"You don't need to be worried. I've killed too." He still stared at me, which showed me how I appeared to many people. Yeah, I've got a staring problem. Can't really help it, though.
"If I brought you along, would you stay out of my way?" he asked. I nodded.
"Then, you're coming with me."
"What made you change your mind?"
"You're just better off staying with a killer than wandering these roads." I wanted to ask why would he care but I thought I was asking too many questions. He went over to the trunk, pulled out my suitecases, and thrust them toward me.
"Get dressed. You look too suspicious in a jail uniform." Don't ask why they wouldn't let me wear my clothing on the way to the mental hospital. I don't even know why they kept me in the uniform. I hid behind some bushes far away fromthe road and that guy before undressing. I put on a long black shirt, knee-length black skirt, really dark grey hosery,and my only pair of combat boots. I came back to the car and saw the man come from behind a bush a second after me. He was wearing a dark blue uniform similar to a macnic's. He stared at me almost as if I were crazy.
"Why'd you choose to wear a skirt?"
"Why are you wearing another man's clothes?"
"Don't smart off to me."
"Okay, I was going to wear this for Halloween this year. I was going to be a dead girl."
"We should stop wasting time and get to Haddonfield before the docter comes to get us."I went to the passenger seat but he told me I had to sit in the back seat. We got into the car and he drove off to find this town called Haddonfield.
"So, what are you in for?" I asked.
"I'll tell you all you need to know when we get to Haddonfield." I sat there quietly and stared out the window during the whole ride.

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