Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


11. 2

~They all crowd around a boy, giving rude comments and calling him awful names. The boy was cowering near the edge of the dock. He looked down, terrified of the deep wavy waters beneathe him. He was so sad and saw the girl trying to come to his rescue only to be held back by the other children. He tried to get away from the crowd and also get to his only friend here. He was resisting their pulls for a good while.
"Jason!" yelled the girl,"I'm coming to get you!"
"Nicole!" he yelled, tears coming from both of their eyes.
"Hey," said a boy near Jason,"Freaks can't get help. They're already too messed for it." And with that, the boy pulled Jason back and he fell into the lake. A scream was heard from Nicole through the laughter of children.
"What is wrong with you? He can't swim!" They didn't listen and just kept holding her back. Then, they saw that Jason wouldn't come back up, got scared, and ran away. Nicole was released and she ran over to the dock's edge.
"Jason!" she called into the waters,"Jason!" She began crying and took out a silver locket. She opened it to see Jason and Mrs. Voorhees' picture on either side of the locket.
"I said that I would protect you, Jason. I promised that I would save you from the kids who torture us." She cried harder and jumped into the lake...

I woke up in a cold sweat from my nightmare. Everything except for me jumping into the lake was all that had happened so many years ago when I went to this camp. I haven't had that dream since I was brought home after Jason's death. I still think about him to this day but never brought him up. I've been having trouble with finding friends after my experience here but I ended up having a fair amount through the years. I would never say that Jason use to be my friend. I couldn't do that because I couldn't get over his death and still felt him as my friend. I looked around and noticed that it was still early morning and no one will be up until it was probably noon. I got dressed and decided to look around the camp to see if I still remember anything. I found the cabin I use to stay in where all the girls use to tell the councelor that boys weren't allowed in the girls cabin (Refering to me since I acted a lot like a boy). There was the mess hall that everyone ate at. I even recognized the spot I use to sit at alone with Jason. I found the docks, the place of Jason's death. It brought so many sad memories back just looking at the waves splash against the edge of the dock. I walked around until I thought about Mrs. Voorhees' house in the woods. I couldn't believe I still remembered how to get there and found myself staring at her old yet beloved house. I walked in and looked through the place for memories. There was so much that had gone on here when we were kids that I stayed in each room thinking about it. Then, I found Jason's room and stayed in there the longest. I thought of all my best and sadest moment with Jason when he was still alive. A few tears fell from my eyes as I thought of what I'd told him.
"I-I said that I would...always protect you, Jason. I was going to save you from those kids who would hurt us. I was-I was going to make sure that you never suffered again. Jason...Why did you have to die like that?" I heard the floorboard creak and I turned around, fast. It was just John but I didn't know how he could've followed me without me knowing. He smiled and I started getting pissed off.
"Were you crying?" he laughs.
"No. It's just that the dust in here had gotten into my eyes and it hurt really bad."
"Oh really. Who's Jason?"
"None of your business. I could be talking about a dog for all you care." He laughed again but this was a bit of a hurtful laugh that he's used on me before.
"I know exactly who you're talking about."
"Really? What Jason am I talking about?"
"Jason Voorhees. The little deformed kid that drowned here." This was truely shoking to me because I didn't know anyone at school who went to Camp Crystal Lake. I never even discuss the topic of his death to anyone.
"How-How did you know about that?"
"I went to camp here when we were little. Everyone except you hated that kid. Why did you like him in the first place?"
"Misery loves company. We were both hated. That's why we were friends. That's why everyone hated us. Now how did you know about this?"
"Don't you remember me, Nicole Alin."
"Don't you ever call me that again, man whore!" Those were our nicknames for each other back then, but I've always called him a man whore.
"You were the one who pushed Jason into the water when you knew he couldn't swim. Look what you put Mrs. Voorhees through! Besides that, those damn councelors should've been watching him! They knew he couldn't swim either yet they left him with kids like you!"
"Don't put it that way. Think of it as I saved you from being caught up in him."
"What the hell is that supose to mean?"
"Oh come on, everyone knew you and Jason liked each other. He would've never have done things that a man could do."
"Like what?" He forces me down on Jason's bed and gets really close to me.
"Things like this, babe." I pulled out my pocket knife I brought for this trip (Hey you never know when you'll need to use those).
"Get off! I'm not afraid to use this!" Before I tried stabbing him, a masked man beat me to that. He took out a machete and had stabbed John through the back to his stomach, blood falling all over me. The man threw John to the side and came towards me, his machete armed and ready to kill.

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