Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


64. 12

~Death? Pinhead thought of the girl's words, Death was her sin? Don't tell me it's really-
"Ugh, sir," she asked,"What is your name? I need to know my leader's name so that I know what to address you by." When becoming a Cenobite, you have an instinct that tells you everything you need to know. You don't know the others' names or yours until you are told by the leader. He addresses you your own name and gives you orders to do like he does to everyone else. She was new but she still has those instincts and a forgotten memory of who she once was. That was what Pinhead disliked the most right now. Nicole is dead but who's to say that she didn't come here after her death? He was willing to take this chance to see if he was right.
"Is the box still opened?" he asked Butterball.
"No. It was closed several moments ago."
"That doesn't normally happen when we get a new Cenobite."
"I know. That's what I find weird."
"You don't think-" Female stopped her question from being heard by the new Cenobite. She might think wrongly of their great leader if she heard he had relations with a mortal girl. Everyone except for the new Cenobite were thinking the same thoughts as Pinhead. What if it was his mortal lover? Pinhead couldn't take the silence anymore and decided tosee if it was possible that his lover was standing right in front of him with lost memories.
"I'm going to try something," he told her,"And if you don't like what I do, you can pull away. Understand?"
"What are you going to-" He pressed his lips to hers and felt her back away but suddenly grow stiff. Pinhead had remembered seeing a picture of himself once and that made him remember who he was. Maybe, this kiss will help her (If it truely was Nicole) who she was before she died. He heard a beating and smiled into the kiss. Cenobites don't have a heart beat. More importantly, they have no fear either. And this is what he felt as he broke the kiss and saw a terrified but familiar girl holding onto Pinhead. It was Nicole in the same black leather robe but her skin wasn't as pale, her dark brown hair was back, and her eyes weren't forced open but wires. She looked so innocent and scared as she held onto the leader of the group.

Nicole's POV

"Pinhead? Where am I?"
"You're in Hell."
"Did you bring me here?"
"No. You're already dead, Nicole. And now you're one of us."
"You mean, I'm a Cenobite just like you?"
"Yes. And I still meant what I said."
"As long as there's blood coming from one's cut-"
"-I will never leave you." I held tighter onto him. I was comforted with him around now. But one thing bugged me.
"I want my mom dead. She killed me."
"You're not the only one. I want her dead, too."
"We can't get her, though."
"Don't worry. Everyone is tempted with the Lament Configuration. No one can resist it." I felt myself going light headed and saw my skin go pale again.
"What's happening?" He rubbed my head and my hair started falling out.
"You're changing back into a Cenobite. It'll only take a second. My skin turned pure white, my hair fell out completely, and wires came out of my head and under my eyes. Blood spilled out of my eyes yet I didn't feel any pain from it. I looked at the others, who seemed unimpressed by what they'd seen. I wouldn't really blame them because they'd probably seen this before.
"Now, we only need to give her a name," I heard Female say.
"It has to be something that suites the way she is." I looked over at Chatterer and was surprised.
"Chatterer talks?" I heard Pinhead chuckle behind me at my what I'd said along with everyone else.
"What? I didn't know he could talk." I heard my new voice and thought it was pretty wicked. I sounded like some crazy girl from the graveyard. It's a thought, okay?
"Hmmm, what about Watcher?" I heard Pinhead say while looking at my eyes. I smiled. The name was quite myself. I do seem to watch things a lot. It seems my staring problem can't escape me even in death. I then felt this strange presance around the room.
"What's that?"
"Someone's opened the box." I looked around and saw that the unsuspecting victim was no other than my mom. I was angery and excited about her seeing her enter through our realm. She has no idea what's in store for her.
"Who are you?" she asked, terrified to see us. I listened to Pinhead, as he introduced who we were to her and explained what's going to happen.
"No. I don't want to die! I'm already going through enough pain!"
"Pain? You think you know what pain is?" She stared in fear as Pinhead stepped forward,"You have no idea the pain you've cost."
"You were that guy in my daughter's room. How dare you do that to her!"
"It was not desire that made us do that it was something you will never find again, Mrs. Malin."
"She summoned you to kill my husband. Why?"
"It was our job to kill her but she pleeded for her own soul. She only hated him in your family. Now she hates you."
"Ha! She's already dead!"
"You're right," I step forward, too ready for the things to come,"Your daughter is dead. Do you know where she is?"
"She's here paying for what she did."
"Actually, Mother, she's right here ready to play with you." Her mouth opened wide and I laughed.
"I suggest you don't do that. What if you get a hook lodge in your throat?" We laugh and she tries to escape but Pinhead puts a hook in her back and she stays where she is. I come up to her, bend down, and look her the eyes.
"I'm going to show you what pain is like. And I'll give it to you in a way that's most fitting to you."
"You bit-" She puts her hand up to slap me but another hook pulls it away.
"Who knows what the Breast Ripper or the Spanish Spider is like?" They begin to laugh and I watch my mom grow confused.
"Are you going to put spiders on me?"
"Similar to that. But I promise that it'll be very painful." Pinhead holds my mom in the air while I get some hooks to use for the torture.
"Now, they don't have such devices unfortunately but I'll have to use hooks instead, okay?" THIS IS ABOUT TO GET GRAPHIC FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THE BREAST RIPPER OR THE SPANISH SPIDER DOES. She begins to cry and I force each hook into her exposed breasts. I tug at them slightly to see if they were securely there.
"You want me to pull them or do you want to do this?" I asked Pinhead.
"I'm not allowed to hurt her, remember?" We laugh at the memory of that first day we met. I moved my hand back and her breasts came ripping off. She yelled and cru=ied in extreme pain as they were ripped from her body. Pinhead handed me a knife and I begin to cut along her body where I was hurt.
"This is what it felt like when you killed me!" I yelled over her screams. She was continuing to bleed and soon, she was nothing but a mutilated corpse. I laughed at my late mother's body and whispered,"Nice seeing you in Hell, Mother." I felt Pinhead's arm wrap around me and I forgot for a moment that there was a dead body in the room.
"You did well for your first time, Watcher." I smiled up at him and he smiled back. This was how life was as a Cenobite for me. I was with Pinhead for centuries and they were nice years. When someone opened the box, we'd work as leader and follower, but when we were alone, we were a happy couple. Pinhead and I lived happily in Hell, even if we didn't have any kids.

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