Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


63. 11

~I wish Pinhead or my paranoid mind would've forced me to do something else instead of this. I don't know what was worse: Having my mom already hate me or having her walk in on her daughter having sex with the man who killed her husband. Either way, I was screwed and I was in for it now. I looked up at Pinhead for a second and saw fear in his eyes. But was towards Mom or for me? I couldn't tell and I didn't have time to ask. As soon as Mom entered the room, Pinhead disappeared along with his clothes and I was left naked on my bed. This was not how I wanted my mom to ever see me. But also, as I saw her shocked expression turn to anger, she'd much rather have me sleeping with a boy. If she caught me doing that, she'd only accuse me of being a whore. Though, finding me with a demon, especially the one that murdered Dad, who knows what she's going to say or do. That is what I found out, sitting on my bed as she walked quickly towards me.
"What in the hell were you doing with that man?"
"What you've been doing for the past several weeks, slut!"
"I am not the slut here! I come up here to apologize to you about tonight and I find you in here fucking the murderer of your father!"
"Dad deserved to die for what he'd done to me! If you didn't stop him, like a good mother does, this wouldn't have happened!" And I wouldn't have met the love of my life. She was getting more upset. She knows what she should've done and doesn't take her part in doing nothing about it.
"Why were you even with him? You told me it was all over and we'd never see him again."
"You were never going to see him again! I had to give him people to torture!"
"Why would you even consider something like that?"
"Everyone hates me and I hate everyone else on this Earth!"
"I can see he didn't hate you, you whore."
"Mother, I'm afraid you don't know what a whore is. Whore's are women who sleep with everyone or date many guys, whether they have someone or not. If you look on my bed, there is blood from him taking my virginity!" She glances down at the crimson stains on my sheets from where I was laying. They were still fresh and wet. She looked back at me but was still angery.
"I can't believe you'd let some demon take your virginity. You will burn in Hell for this."
"I'm already there, Mother." She slapped me again and I fell down while trying to get the Lament Configuration (puzzle box). It slipped from my grasp and rolled to the other side of my room. I tried to retrieve it but Mom stepped on my arm to hold me down.
"If you think your father put you through Hell, you haven't seen anything yet." I looked up and saw her raise the beer bottle in the air. Dad wasn't a man to use objects in order to hurt me. He prefered his fists more than some object. She brought the bottle down and it hit me square on the head. I felt something warm trail down and knew I was bleeding. She went for another and it hit me in the shoulder blade. Mom was weaker than Dad when it came to physical strength but strong when she had something in her hands. It was worse because I was not knocked out and feeling every hit she had with the bottle. Then, when I tried to get up, she hit me really hard across the head and the bottle burst. It stung like hell because the liquid seeped into my cuts. It was not a great feeling to have beer in your bloody cuts. Just when I thought she was going to stop, she gashed my side open with the sharp edges of the broken bottle. That hurt worse than everything else. She kept scraping it all over me for a long time and I started noticing that a lot of my blood was everywhere. I drifted of to what felt like sleep but deeper than any sleep I've felt before. Another thing that Dad did differently than Mom, he didn't carry it out long enough for me to die. I couldn't help but let a tear slip as I felt even more weak. She still scratched me with the bottle but I made sure she could hear my last words before i died.
"I'll see you in Hell, Mother." She stopped but it was far too late. I was not going to be saved this time...

In Hell When Mrs. Malin Found Her Daughter And Pinhead

In Hell, the three Cenobites that were followers of their leader, Pinhead, were sitting around discussing where he went.
"Where do you think he ran off to?" asked Female.
"I don't know, but it's not normal of him," said Butterball.
"You think he followed Nicole?" Chatterer asked in his own chattering language that only the Cenobites could understand.
"He could've," Butterball answered,"He's been acting kind of weird."
"You don't think he has feelings for the girl, do you?"
"How should I know? But that's impossible."
"What if, though? What if he does have feelings?"
"Chatterer, I really don't know."
"Now that I think of it, he has been gone for a long time."
"What do you think's going on?" Just then, Pinhead appeared with a worried expression. He never showed that kind of emotion in their life there. Curiosity filled them and they decided to ask what went on.
"What happened to you?" asked Female.
"This is bad. This was a bad idea. I shouldn't have done that."
"What happened?" Butterball tried.
"I was with Nicole this whole time and that whore she calls a mother came home and saw us."
"What did you do that was so bad that wasn't supose to be seen?" Butterball and Female looked at Chatterer and he soon realized what he said. They all look at Pinhead who looks down to show that what they were thinking was correct.
"You didn't! Please tell us you didn't!" Female yelled. He nodded and they looked at each other with disapproving looks.
"Pinhead!" Butterball exclaimed,"You know that's against the rules for our kind! What were you thinking?"
"Not very clearly but enough to know why I didn't let her go."
"But I thought you did that an hour ago," Female said.
"I didn't want her to be that any longer. I know it's forbidden but I love that child. We loved each other dearly tonight." He was refering to the act they'd done before her mother came in. It didn't matter now, though. He saw her mother's intention and knew that Nicole was going to die tonight. There was nothing he could do. Just then, there was a scream and they saw a person on the wall staring at them. It was a female, she was pale like two of the Cenobites, she was bald like the rest of them, and her eyes were forced open with wires that held them open with blood flowing from them like tears. She was a new Cenobite, just died and changed from her original form. Her eyes moved, observing the room around her and her other kind. She walked over to them and stared at them with her unblinking eyes.
"What's my first order of business?" she asked with a voice that sounded as cold as the wind. Pinhead looked at her and wondered if he knew her. She seemed familiar to him.
"What is your sin?" he asked.

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