Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


62. 10

~This was what I didn't understand. I thought he told me I was free to go. I thought this meant none of us was going to see each other like it was several minutes ago. I stared back at him on the couch in confusion and a little bit of fear. I had not the slightest clue as to why he was here.
"Hello, Nicole," he said calmly. He made it sound as if there was nothing wrong or that we didn't have that conversation just now.
"Ugh, hello. Why are you here? I thought you told me I was free to go."
"Just because I said you were free doesn't mean I can't talk to you, does it?"
"But you told me to forget you. If I saw you again, I'd be tortured like everyone else."
"Yes, indeed I said that but I wanted to talk to you." He patted the spot next to him on the couch, inviting me over.
"You're not scared, are you?" I shook my head. He knew I was lying but I came over, cautiously, and sat down anyways. It scared me still to be next to him. This is the closest I've probably been to him since he woke me up right when I opened my eyes. He was way too close to me and he is now. I can smell the death and blood on his body and faintly a little bit of his leather robe. In a way he smelled fine but where was I to judge? He doesn't give a shit about me so I was of little importance to him.
"Why do you want to talk to me? I am of no interest to you."
"What makes you think that? Do you know what my interests are?"
"No. I am nothing to anyone now. Not even you have a use for me."
"That is where you are wrong, Nicole." He was playing with me. Just fooling around with me and trying to start something that I don't need right now. I kept my gaze at the floor and didn't bother looking at him. If Pinhead wanted someone to mess with, he'll have to wait until I find someone to give the box to. I was really not in the mood tonight.
"Seriously, why are you here, Pinhead? I'm not in the mood to play games right now."
"Who says I'm playing a game?" I look up at him, annoyed and see him laugh slightly and not in a cold way. This was weird. I never heard Pinhead laugh like that before. It sort of seemed the opposite of him that it was more frightening than his usual self. But it was also becoming quite a nusience of what he was doing. I stared back down at the ground and thought of why he was really here.
"You knew I was going to kill myself, didn't you?"
"Yes. I knew that for a fact. That was one reason I came here."
"What was the other?"
"I wanted to talk to you privately without the others around."
"I don't see how this is very private. You're just fooling around with me."
"I'll get to the point then." Yes, Please do that. I looked up at him, preparing for what he had to say.
"When you're asleep, I go into your room."
"Why? What are you doing in there?"
"I usually just look at the things in your room and listen to your mother and her many men in bed. Many times I've wanted to kill her and whoever she had in bed."
"Why didn't you?"
"You told us not to kill her."
"When do you ever care what I say?"
"I'm getting to that. I was there in your room when that man tried to come in. At the first sight of me he ran off and I locked your door so that he wouldn't come back in. What was interesting me that night was that folder of yours."
"The one that says to 'OPEN IF YOU DARE!'"
"Okay. What were you doing going through my art folder?"
"I saw some very interesting things in there. Including your most recent ones." I stared at him in shock. My most recent drawings were the most graphic ones I've ever done. They mainly showed people in bondage acts. The one I made that's still the first drawing you see had me and Pinhead in it. I was chained up and he had a hook near my helpless body. He was not supose to see that one at all. So, now he's probably going to think I'm very crazy now. He noticed this like everything else I did.
"There's no need to be afraid, Nicole. This is what I wanted to tell you that I didn't want the others to hear. You remember that day we first met, correct?" I nodded, not taking my eyes off him.
"I'll admit that I saw you as nothing but our next victim but when you offered us more souls to spare your life, we couldn't resist. But, as we came out to kill, I would look into your memories and thoughts and see who you truely are. That intrigued me the most about you."
"So, you find me interesting?" Okay, is it just me or does this yell NOT NORMAL FOR PINHEAD!!! I sat there and waited for him to finish.
"Yes. Seeing who you are is something that made me...Well..."
"What? What are you trying to say?"
"If I told you, it might sound quite strange coming from my lips. Then again, you've lost this feeling years ago."
"I don't care how strange it sounds. What did I do to you?"
"You made me attracted to you." My eyes grew really wide, I don't think I had a pupil for a moment.
"You mean you like me?"
"Yes. More than like though." I became nervous at this point but started laughing out of nowhere. I sunk back onto my couch and kept laughing.
"I can't believe this. A demon from Hell likes me."
"I never meant to hurt you tonight." I stopped laughing and looked at his calm face. It seemed unreal to me right now. He's the leader of the Cenobites, the master of pain, the angel of torture. But yet, he loves a screwed up girl that has little meaning to the world.
"How? How could you ever love me, Pinhead?"
"It could be because you seem to enjoy when I come to torture someone or maybe becauseyou have a similar knoledge that we hold. It could also be because we see things in the same ways." I looked back down to the ground with a tear in my eye.
"How strange that out of all the people on this Earth, you end up liking someone as worthless as me." He put's his hand on my right cheek and pulls it toward him so that I'm looking only at him.
"You are not worthless in my eyes." I forced my eyes down to our sides touching and try one last time to see if he's not lying or something (Trust issues, remember?).
"But I was always told that I would always be alone." He pressed his thumb under my chin to make me see him again.
"You will never be alone. As long as there's still blood puring from one's cut I will always be with you." He didn't let go of me and kept my head up and looking up at him until he leaned up close and kissed me on the lips. At first, I was shocked that he'd do this but it proof enough that he loved me. No one but him understood me and that's what made this kiss so sweet. If I was unloved to humans, at least Pinhead was there for me. My hands ended up being from my lap to the back of his neck and he moved his hands to my back. We were closer and, even though I was feeling several pins poke at me, it was a very great thing to feel from him. We broke for air and I looked at the clock that read 11:30.
"Shit. It's late already?"
"What's wrong? Are you expecting someone?"
"No. It's just that Mom said not to expect her home midnight or later."
"I've got an idea of what to do with all this time." I look up at him and he stares back calmly with a hint of humor in his eyes.
"Are you sure?"
"That's only unless you want to. We could do something else."
"It's okay." We went up to my room and...yeah I don't think I need to go into detail here XD But, as things were becoming nice, we heard my door open and I saw my mom with a shocked expression on her face. Shit! I'm more than screwed now. I'm dead meat!

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