Horror & Love Series

11 stories mixing Horror and Love


27. 10

~The two strange people stand before each other on the side of a highway. One is a male wearing a white mask with light brown hair and wearing a dark blue mechanic's uniform. The other is a girl with black and white face paint all over her face, has short dark brown hair, and wears black clothing that almost appears as a dress. They stare at each other for a long time before the man takes off his mask, revealing his face only to the girl.
"Michael?" the girl asks. He stares harder at her and smile, again, only for her.
"Why did you choose to wear a skirt?" he asked. She let a few tears go as he let out his right arm for her. She took it and he craddled her there for several minutes.
"Michael, where are you?" He stopped craddling her and looked down at her, making her look up at him.
"I'm not Michael," he said to her, frightening her.
"I'm not Michael."
"Then who are you?" He leans down to her ear and chuckles before telling her his answer.
"I'm your lover." She felt herself get butterflies once he said that. She hugged him tightly, not wanting to ever let go. The strange feeling of love had overwhelmed her now.
"Nicole," he continued whispering in her ear,"I have a surprise for you when we get home." She cried again and stared up at him.
"But, Michael. I can never go home."
"Because of your crime?"
"Because they're taking me away forever. And I'll never see you again." He stared down at her and started fading away. She stood there as his whole body disappeared. She got down on her knees and stared at the ground.
"Why must everything bad happen to me?" she saids before it rained washing away her very existance...

I woke up and saw that I was still in this blasted room. I couldn't get up due to still being under the sedation. What would it matter though? I'm still going to be sad forever because of what's been happening. Nothing will make me happy again and that's true. If it were just me and Michael back at the house, I would be so happy. Even if we were in a post-apotalyptic war, I would still be happy that he'd be by my side. But now that I'm being sent away, all I can do is dream. Nothing else. My door opened and light flowed in. I saw a man in the staff's uniform and closed my eyes. Taking me away as I lie asleep, eh? You're the worst people of all my life, now. I kept my eyes shut so that I didn't have to see the bastard that was helping out in my torture.
"Hey," he whispered, rubbing my head,"Rule number one: Stay out of my way. Rule number two: Stay quiet when we're out in public or killing."I opened my eyes and saw that it was Michael!
"Michael?" I whispered. He kissed me as I said his name and I knew for sure that it was him. No one would kiss a freak like me except Michael. He carried me out of the room and into the lighted hallway. In the light, I confirmed that it as indeed Michael. I looked around and saw some dead staff members on the floor everywhere. We heard some running coming from a hallway to our right and saw some more of the staff orderng for more back up. He started running down the hall and went through the halls as if he knew them by heart (Okay he escaped once, I'd assume so). It wasn't long before we were outside and getting to a car. We were lucky that someone was pulling out at the moment we came outside. Michael, of course, forced the person out and then sat me in the back seat before speeding off into the night. I tried to speak but didn't have the strength to as the sedation drifted me off to sleep. When I awoke, I saw Michael had placed me in my old bedroom in his house. I saw that he was about to leave and studdered his name. He turned around to see me awake and worried. He came back over and kissed me on the lips.
"Don't worry. Just go back to sleep. There are some things I need to take care of before they find us and get us again. I'll be here when you wake up the next time. I promise." I closed my eyes and was drifting back to sleep, hoping that finally we'll be able to be together alone. Waking back up,I saw him beside me, asleep but holding me. I felt relaxed now that he was here again. I kissed him softly on the lips, waking him up by accident. He smiled at me, the only other emotion I knew was true from him.
"Nicole." I started to cry again, this time I couldn't even find a way to stop it. He sat up and started rocking me like I was a child. He tried calming me down until I eased up a little. I told him about my time in the mental hospital, what Dr. Loomis always said to me, my sanity growing thin each day, and when they tried getting me to talk by showing me some imposter of him.
"Where were you this whole time?"
"I was stuck in the same mental hospital you were in. I was next door to you. By the way, nice screaming."
"What did they do to you?"
"Same thing. The docter talked to me about you, mainly about what happened in his sessions with you. I wouldn't talk to him even though he suspected that I could talk."
"Did he tell you about the trick they did on me?"
"Yes. To him, he thought I didn't care about you for not doing anything when he talked about the sessions. I didn't want him to see me have a weak point. I guess saying that you'd be sent away was all he thought of doing to really push me. So, I decided to get you then."
"Why then? Why didn't you get me earlier?"
"It was too soon. Also, that's what they were expecting. Of course they would've thought I'd get you last night but let their guards down too early."
"Michael?" He looked down at my worried face.
"What is it?"
"Will-Will you help me with my straight jacket?"
"Sure." He pulled out a knife and started cutting away at the material and stopped at one point.
"What is it?" I asked.
"You're not wearing anything under this." I froze and felt embarrassed for not noticing that. I looked at him and noticed he was staring at my exposed breasts. I just realized that if he's never kissed a girl than he's never seen a naked girl before. I was starting to get worried about this.
"Reminds me of being in my sister's room after her boyfriend left," he said, still staring at them,"She was naked. and I stabbed her here." He started rubbing his fingers on my chest, showing where he stabbed her. I gasped and he looked up. I ended up laughing at the touch and he did it again. It started going crazy to where we were laughing and rubbing each other. Then, both our clothes were off and he thrusted into me. It hurt us both, since we were both virgins. After a while, He started going faster and we kept going for several hours. He came into me and then let out, resting next to me. We cuddled in the bed for a long time before we decided to get up and straighten things up in the house. Though the cops were still looking for us, we stayed in the house and killed anyone who wanted to trespass. Through the later years we ended up getting married and having a little girl that we named Iris.

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