New nieghbors

"I love you. Makayla...and never forget it" said Luke


5. Luke's text

Luke starts texting me in the first 2 minutes I'm home "hey, wanna meet me at the park down the road. I wanna get to know you" as I read the text. I count Believe it. "Sure" I replied. My mom looks Over my shoulder. "Your only 17! you shouldn't be dating already" "ONLY 17?! I'll be moving out in a year! I can date If I want to. Most kids start dating in the 4th grade 'cause it makes them 'look cool'" I shot back. "Ok. Fine. I just don't want you to grow up." "Uaghh not again! Your treating me like I'm 7 and just learned to ride a bike" " ok. But put your phone away!" "Ok" my phone went off in my pocket. I bet you it was Luke. I finish my food. Say I'm done. And walk to my room read the text. It was from Luke. "At 7:30. There is bench on the side of the park be there. Please?" I read and re-read that text. Is this real? did Luke hemmings Seriously just ask me on a date? "I'll be there. for sure" i say. for sure, I think.

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