New nieghbors

"I love you. Makayla...and never forget it" said Luke


2. in Sydney

I just remembered! Isn't this where 5sos lives? I have to Snapchat my friend right away and ask her. She said yeah lol maybe micheal clofford lives next to you. I checked. I saw the old lady that looked about 85 and then I looked out my other window. oh my God it's Calum hood! this the best day of my life! My friend Amelia said "OMG YOUR KIDDING RIGHT?!" I say "nope!" And send her a picture. Then afterwards I think she may have had a heart attack. She didn't respond for awial. Then she says "GO KNOCK ON THE FLIPING DOOR MAKAYLA" I do as she says. He answers "OH ANOTHER FAN!

Come in! The whole band is here!"

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