A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


21. Chapter Twenty

Ashley's POV

Clean. Yell. Repeat. That's my everyday life in the Irwin house. "Dishes, pick up some groceries, take B to the doctors." I whispered to myself, as I read the list of things I have to do today. I sighed, and walked over to the dishwasher, and opened it up. The wine glasses, and dinner plates invaded my vision, as I felt a par of hands move around my waist.

"Good morning beautiful." Ashton smiled, rubbing his nose against my shoulder. "Hey." I smiled, reaching up to put the panda bear plate away. "I was thinking." He said. "Oh dear." I sighed.

"I was thinking about how long it's been since we went on a vacation. Just you and me. It had to be before Bry was born." He informed. "Where are you going with this?" I asked, raising my eyebrow. "I was thinking we should go away for a week. Just you and me. Spend some real, quiet, alone, and grown up time." He replied, tightening his hands around my waist.

"Babe, I would love that." I replied. "Why do I feel a but coming along?" He asked. "But... I don't exactly trust the kids here, alone, with just the guys. And especially living here for the time we have... I'm just not sure." I replied. "Babe, they'll be fine. The guys are perfectly capable of taking care of the kids." He replied. "Yes, and we left them alone for a little amount of time with Luke, and what happened? Lauren ended up having a make out session with him, and now their dating." I replied. "But it won't be just Luke. It'll be Luke, Calum and Michael. Whom have families." He replied. "Nicole has Miles here, and he's five, just like Nicole, no. I can't leave them here." I replied.

"We have to get out sooner or later. We can't have the same friends." He replied. "Ashton, I know you want to go on this trip, and I understand. So do I, but... I just can't leave them here for a week. I'm sorry." I sighed. "Ash, the girls are here too. They're perfectly fine with watching them." He said. I sighed.

"Just think, if we go, you could get your nice quiet time. And we can have adult time. Just you and me. Alone. Together. In a hotel room. No kids. No interruptions. Nothing. Nice Champaign, fancy dinner, fancy... clothes. Me, all to yourself." He whispered in my ear. "When do we leave?" I shivered. He smiled.

"I'm going to go plan it now." He smiled, pecking my cheek. "After that whole speech, a little peck is all I get?" I asked. "Why? You want more?" He asked. "Well, there's no kids around." I replied, with smirk. "I love it when you talk dirty." He said, walking to me. "It wasn't talking dir-" I got cut off by his lips.

"When do the kids come home?" He asked, kissing my neck. "Hmm. Three thirty." I replied. He nodded, picked me up, and carried me to the bedroom.

"It's a yes for the vacation?" He asked, dropping me on the bed. "I don't know. Show me if you want the vacation." I replied, putting my legs up. "Oh, I will." He smirked, jumping onto the bed. I yelped, then laughed. "You're a dork." I laughed.

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