A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


16. Chapter Sixteen

What are you doing today?" Ashton asked, walking into the office across from our room. "Well, I have a meeting in about ten minutes, then a conference call. And I have to get a few pages published." I replied. "Lots of work, are you sure you don't want me to stay home?" He asked. "I'll be fine. I can take a few breaks, as long as it's not when I'm in my meetings and calls." I replied. He nodded.

"I love you." He smiled, kissing me lightly. "Love you too. See you when you get home." I replied. "Call me if you need me. I know you don't spend much time with Nicole and Bry." He said. I nodded.


"Mrs. Irwin, are you aware of where you stand with this part of the publishing?" My boss asked. "Yes sir, I understand." I replied. "Good, now, when you get this published, which must be today, you will send me the direct link to the website, and then you will have the magazine delivered immediately." He said. "Yes sir, I-"

"Mummy! Mummy!" Nicole yelled, running into the office. "Not now." I said, turning around. "But mummy! Bry took my toy, mummy!" She yelled. "Nicole Grace, I said not now." I said. "B-" "go downstairs and get a snack or something." I said, turning back to my computer. "Daddy doesn't let me have snacks before lunch!" She exclaimed, running out the door.

"So, just get me that magazine immediately, and you'll be good. Oh, and Mrs. Irwin." My boss said. "Mhm." I replied. "One more time you're out of the office, I don't care if you're sick, or you're injured, or if it's a family matter, you're fired." He said. My breath hitched. "Yes sir." I replied, before hanging up.

I started typing on my computer, when my phone went off. "Hello?" I answered. "So, I heard about you run in with Livvy." The voice said. "Nicole?" I asked. "In the flash. And I'm here with Brooke, Annelyy and Caroline." She said. "No way! I haven't seen you guys in forever!" I exclaimed.

"So, we heard about your accident. How's working from home?" Annelyy asked. "It's terrible. I don't even know what my own kids like." I replied. "That's probably how Ashton felt when he went on tour and came back." Nicole said. "I guess. Hey, Anne, how's little Matt and big Matt?" I asked. "They're both good. Hey, do you want to fly out here with the fam in about two weeks?" She asked. "I'll have to check it over with Ash, why?" I asked. "Just wondering." She replied.

"So, how's the life in London, A?" Caroline asked. "Besides work, it's going good." I replied. "Right, where do you work again?" Nicole asked. "Max Lord&Co." I replied. "That's like the biggest magazine industry in the world!" Nicole yelled. "I know, and my boss is a total dick." I replied with a laugh.

"So, what happened between you and Liv?" Brooke asked. "Don't even get me started." I groaned. "I heard Luke cheated on her with Lauren?" Annelyy asked. "Yeah, and she blew a total fit. She said she shouldn't have let him come to my house, because Nicole looks like Calum." I replied. "Wow." They all gasped.

"Mummy! Bry went potty in his pants!" Nicole yelled. I groaned. "I have to go change Bryant. I'll call you back." I said.

"Let's have a look at you." I said, picking up Bryant. He put his fingers in his mouth, and smiled at me. "You left me a big potty didn't you?" I asked. He didn't say anything.

"Well, you definitely are your fathers son." I sighed, as I wiped him clean. "Daddy." He smiled. "Daddy will be home later." I replied.


Lauren's POV

"Ms. Dawkins, would you like to explain what happened?" The principal asked. I picked spaghetti off of my shirt, and groaned. "Rachel did it! She started it!" I yelled. "No I didn't! You did!" Rachel yelled.

"I'm contacting your parents." He said, cutting is both off. "I don't live with my parents." We both said. "Whom do you live with?" He asked. "My sister and brother." I replied. "She's my sister, not yours!" Rachel yelled. "Both of you, go sit outside until your siblings come." He said.

I sat as far away from Rachel as I could, since she started it. "Own up to what you did, sis." Rachel said. "I didn't do anything." I replied. "Unless you want my sister to know what's going on with your precious Luke, you'll own up to what you did." She smirked.


"What the hell! A food fight! What are you, five?! I was on an important call! I could be fired right now!" Ashley yelled, once we got into the car. "I'm sorry." I whispered. "I don't know who did it, but you're both grounded! And I don't care what you have to say about it! You're both in my custody right now!" she yelled.

"Which one of you did it?" She asked, calming down a bit. "R.... I did it." I said. "You did it?" She asked. I nodded. "Why?" She asked. "Rachel was... Saying things about Ashton, which I didn't like. And I threw the first tray." I said. She took a deep breath.

"Rachel, you're still grounded, and I'll be calling dad tomorrow about what you've done. As for you, Lauren, we'll be having a long talk tonight, and you're grounded for two weeks." She said. I nodded.

"And don't think I won't tell Ashton." She said. I nodded, and leaned into the chair. "And he will call your mom. You've been acting up this last week, getting in trouble, breaking things, making Nicole cry. So, you're mom will know." She said. "No! Please! She'll make me come live with her! I don't want to go back! Please, Ashley." I ranted. "We'll see. Maybe you need a break from living with us." She said.


"Hey." Rachel said, grabbing my arm. "Don't touch me." I snapped, flinging my arm back. "Look I-" "save it. I don't want to hear what you have to say. Because of you, I'll be going back home. I hope you're happy. I've been happy here, finally getting to see my brother, but obviously there's only one sister in the house, and it's obviously not me. So, save your breath." I said, before turning around.

Ashley's POV

"I told you one last time! And what do you do!? Hang up on an important call, for a family emergency!" My boss exclaimed. "I know, and I'm sorry sir. I had t-" "I don't want to hear it! When your firm told us you worked well, we didn't think you would take personal time to yourself." He said. "Yes, and I-" "we've let you off the hook too many times, Mrs. Irwin. And I'm very sorry to say, but I want your things packed up, and out of your office by Friday. If they're not out by then, everything is getting thrown out." He said. "Yes sir." I whispered.

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