A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


17. Chapter Seventeen

Ashley's POV

"Is that all?" Ashton asked, as I packed the last picture into a box. I nodded, and looked around the office. "Out of everything those two girls did... this is the worst." I said. "You can find a new job." He replied, putting his arms around my waist. "I could. But the same things will just keep happening. I start a new job. I have to leave for the two girls who never stop fighting. Get fired. Start again." I sighed.

"Then, you be a mum, and stay home." He said, rubbing my stomach. "I don't even know what my own kids like. I brought them into the world, and I don't even know what they like." I replied. "That's not true. You do everything you can for them, and they know that." He said. "Bryant doesn't even know me." I said, shedding a tear. "I'll do something." He whispered.

Ashton's POV

"Ashton? Is everything okay?" Annelyy asked, as she answered her phone. "If I were to book a flight here for four people, would you come?" I asked. "What?" She asked. "If I booked you, Nicole, Brooke and Kyla a flight here, would you come?" I asked. "Really?" She asked. "Yes." I replied. "Yeah, I would come." She replied. I nodded. "You're flight is tomorrow at seven in the morning. I'll send a car to pick you up." I said, before I hung up.

"I'm going to call my mum, and see what she wants me to do about Lauren." I said, walking back into Ashley's old office. She nodded, and turned to the window. "What are we going to do?" She asked. "I don't know yet. But... Ash, I know my sister, and I know she wouldn't do something like that. I'm not pointing fingers, but I'm just saying." I replied. "I know." She whispered. "I really thought Rachel changed. I really did. But I guess things.... haven't." She said. I nodded.

"Come on, let's go." I whispered, taking the last box. She walked to the door, and looked around the office. "Come on." I sighed, leading her out of the door.

All her co workers watched as she left the office, some took pictures, and others smiled. "Ashley." Someone called. She turned around, and sighed. "Hey Kate." She sighed. "I heard the boss fired you. He's so stupid." She said. Ashley nodded, and hugged her. She whispered something in her ear, and Ashley nodded.


Lauren's POV

I sat on my bed, playing with a ball. Luke sat in the office chair next to me, and played with my fingers. "What if they make me go back home?" I asked, turning to him. "They won't." He replied. "How do you know that?" I asked. "I don't, I just know. You told me Rachel made you do it. Tell them that." He said. "I can't. If I tell them she made me do it, then they will get suspicious, and watch my every move." I replied. "They do that already. Maybe it's best that they find out. It's not fair that you have to be hated in this house." He replied.

"Laure." Ashton sad, walking into my room. I looked at him. "Luke, can I have a minute?" He asked. Luke nodded, and got up. He smiled at me slightly, then walked out of my room.

"So, listen, about what happened... I called mum." He said. My breath hitched. "She wants you to come home for causing so much trouble." He replied. I nodded. "But... After talking to Ashley... we decided you're not like this. You don't get into trouble like that. We know it was Rachel, and we're going to talk to her. But we decided to let you stay." He said. I smiled, and hugged him.

"But.. you need to tell the truth." He said. "What?" I asked. "You don't think I don't know what's going on?" He asked, looking at me. "Um... no?" I questioned. "I know everything that's going on in my house. I know what's been going on. Am I mad? Yes. Am I angry? Yes. Will I do anything? No, because I see how happy you are. And I don't want to change that." He said. I smiled.

"And don't think I won't be talking to Luke." He said, before walking out of my room.

This was such a bad chapter. My writer's block is kind of gone, but this was just the filler chapter since I didn't update for a while. I am so sorry about that. But OMG, does anyone on here know the show, The Originals?? If you do, it's sooooo good!!!!

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