A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


9. Chapter Nine

Ashley's POV

"How many times do I have to tell you not to go into my room!" A voice yelled. "No, get out!" The voice yelled again. Lauren. "Why were you on my computer! You're such a little snoop! Go away! Get out!" She screamed.

"Is that a plate!? You ate in here too! Ashley!" She screamed. I groaned, and got up. "Ashley! Come get your child out of my room, now!" She yelled. I huffed, and dragged my feet on the floor. "Ashley!" She yelled. "You told me it was okay!" Jackie yelled. Not again. "No I didn't! I said if you need something to come in! Not snoop through my things! And you broke my... Ashley!" She screamed.

"Enough!" I yelled, walking into Lauren's room. "Out, now." I ordered. "But I didn't do anything!" Jackie yelled. "Now! Out!" I yelled. She stood her ground. "I'm tired, I have a major headache, and this is how you treat me? Let's go! Now!" I yelled. She again, stood her ground. I grabbed her arm, and dragged her out of Lauren's room.

"That's not fair! You treat her like royalty!" Jackie yelled. "No we don't. She is way older than you, and she has her privileges." I replied. "She's obviously the favorite one." She mumbled. "Listen to me, your dad and I do not favour any of you." I said. "Yes you do! You treat Lauren like she's the freaking p-" "Do not use those words! You are nine years old! You hear me! You do not use those words!" I yelled. "You and dad use them!" She yelled. "We are adults, you are still a kid! You do not use those words in this house, understand me!?" I yelled. "I'll yell it out to the world!" She yelled.

"Do not make me call your father." I threatened. "He's not even my dad!" She screamed. "That's it! Come on!" I yelled, gripping her arm. "Let me go!" She screamed. "Stop!" I yelled.


"Ashley? What are you doing here?" Ashton asked, as I walked into the studio. "Get in here. Now." I said. "No!" Jackie yelled. "Now, Jaclyn!" I yelled. She huffed, and walked into the room. Ashton stared at us with wide eyes. "What is going on?" He asked. "Ask your daughter." I replied, sitting on the couch.

"Go ahead, Jaclyn, explain to dad what you said." I said. "I don't want to!" She yelled. "Jaclyn Rose Green, you say it right now, or else there will be no friends coming over anymore this week!" I yelled. She huffed, and walked to Ashton. "Mum is being mean." She cried.

"You can stay here with dad then. But once you get home, you're grounded. No friends, no TV, nothing. Understand me?" I said. "But that's not fair!" She exclaimed. "That's what happens when you talk that way." I replied. "B-" "Jaclyn, listen to your mum." Ashton spoke. She huffed, and plopped on the couch.

"You need to talk to her." I said, as I pulled Ashton into the little studio. "I will." He replied simply. "Please, you need to. Between Lauren and her, I can't deal with it." I said. He nodded. "I'm serious. Please talk to her." I sighed. "I will, don't worry." He replied. I nodded, and took a deep breath. "Maybe we should have some kind of like day today?" He asked. "Family day?" I asked. He nodded. "I'll work it out. Everyone is home, and now that Bryant is better, we can have it." I replied. He nodded. "So, you should go home, and rest your little bum." He said. "Excuse me, but my butt is not little." I said. "Sure, whatever you say sweet cheeks." He replied. I turned around, and looked in the mirror. "Is it really little? I've lost some weight. I hope it's not little." I said. "Babe, it looks fine." He replied. "Are you sure?" I asked. He nodded. "Nice and round." He smiled, kissing my cheek.

"Can I come home with you? I don't like it here." Jackie said. "Nope, you get to stay here." I replied. "But why? Mum, I didn't do anything." She said. "You used some serious bad words, and just because dad and I use them, doesn't mean you can." I said. She huffed. "And you are not off the hook. We are having a long talk later. Dad is going to bring you home later, and we're going to have a family day, okay?" I said. She nodded.


"Hey Laure?" I asked, knocking on her door. I walked in, and sighed. "First, this room is a total mess. And second. we're having a family day, and we thought it would be really nice to have you in it this time, since you were... preoccupied last time." I said. "Yeah, sounds like fun." She said.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, sitting on her bed. She sighed. "It's just.. before we went to that party... Jack told me he loved me. And I really thought he did. But I guess I was wrong." She said. "Hey, listen, we all go through it. I went through it, I'm sure your mom went through it, hell, even your brother went through it. It's apart of life." I said. "You got cheated on?" She asked. "Of course I did. Many times. I had many boyfriends before Ashton came into my life. There was Tyler, before him was Nick, and before Nick, was Henry. In fact, Henry was my first kiss." I said.

"You dated Henry!?" She asked. I nodded. "Does Ashton know?" She asked. "God no. If he knew... he would've never let me go to that wedding he had." I laughed. She laughed too. "Which one cheated on you?" She asked. "Surprisingly, none of them there." I said. She looked at me. "Ashton cheated on me when we first started dating." I said. She gasped. "It was a long time ago, and he made up for it. I still hold it against him. I'll show you. I bet you he didn't talk to Jackie." I said. She smiled.


Ashton walked in the door, with Jackie following. "How was your day?" I asked, kissing him. "Mhm, fine." He replied. I nodded. "Did you talk to her?" I asked. "Shit." He whispered. I looked at Lauren, who giggled. "You know, I dealt with so much shit from you in the past, from you cheating on me, to... ugh, and you can't do me one thing?" I said. "Babe, I'm sorry. I know I said I would talk to her, but I didn't have the time. And you know how I feel when you bring up the cheating thing." He replied. "I know, I'm sorry." I sighed. He nodded, and kissed my forehead.

"And, I did talk to her." He said. "But you.. said you didn't." I said. He smirked. "You butt dialed me. I heard your conversation." He smirked. "Everything?" I asked. "I didn't know you dated Henry." He said. "He's a family friend, you know that." I said. "Doesn't mean I like him." He replied. I rolled my eyes.

"Nicole Grace, Lauren! Come down here! And bring Bry!" I yelled. Jackie sat next to Ashton on the couch, since she's in her moods. I don't know what's going on with her, but it needs to stop.

"What's up?" Lauren asked, holding Bryant in her arms. "We're having a small family day." I replied. "Does that mean we go to the park?!" Nicole asked. "No baby, I have a better idea." I replied.


"A fair? This is what you call family time?" Lauren asked, looking around. "Yes, this is our family day." I replied. "Ashley, there could be people from school here. I can't be seen here with my brother and you." She said. "Get over it." I replied.

"B-" "Lauren, stop." Ashton said. She sighed, and took Nicole's hand in hers. "Mummy, can I go on that ride?" Nicole asked. "No baby. You're too small for that." I replied. She huffed, and leaned into Lauren. "Laure, can you take Nicole and Bryant to the kid rides?" I asked. She nodded, and walked away with the two kids holding her hands.

"Dad, can I go on that ride?" Jackie asked. "Sure." Ashton replied. "Come on!" She exclaimed, tugging Ashton. "Can mum come too?" He asked. "No. I don't like mum. She hurt me." She snapped, pulling Ashton onto the ride. I held my tears in, as they got buckled in. What did I do?

"Fancy seeing you here." A voice said. I turned around, and smiled. "Henry! What are you doing here?" I asked, hugging him tightly. "Ally's mom lives here. And we decided to take Justin here." He replied. "I can't believe you're here, oh my god." I smiled. He smiled back, and looked around.

"You're not on the ride?" He asked. "Jackie is... being in her moods today. She went into Lauren's room, ate, touched her things, and when I told her to get out of her room, she didn't, so I grabbed her arm, and talked to her. She ended up cursing, and I took her to Ashton. Yeah, I yelled, but that's what I'm supposed to do." I replied. He nodded.

"Ashley?" Ally asked, coming up next to Henry, holding Justin. "Ally! Hey." I smiled, hugging her. "Oh, my little boy. How are you?" I asked. He giggled, and curled into my chest.

"Uncle Henry!" Jackie yelled, as she got off the ride. She ran into his arms, and he picked her up. "Oh, you're getting big." He smiled, kissing her cheek. Ashton put his arm around my waist, and kissed my temple. "Ashton, nice to see you again." Henry said. "You too, mate." Ashton replied.

"I hear you're not being good for mom." Henry said. "No, mum isn't being good to me." Jackie replied. "Did I hear my little princess cursed?" He asked. She looked down. "Listen, I'm going to be here for a while, so, that means no more being mean to mom, okay?" He said. She nodded. "Pinky promise?" He asked. "Pinky promise." She replied. "And if mom calls me and tells me you broke your pinky promise... the next time I see you... no more sneaky chocolates." He said. She gasped.


"Shoot the target, baby." I said, helping Jackie with the game. She giggled, and won the game. "I won!" She exclaimed. "Claim your prize." The man working said. "Mum, can I get the puppy?" She asked. "As long as it's stuffed." I replied. "The puppy please." She smiled. The man nodded, and handed her the big giant puppy.

"Mummy!" Nicole yelled, running to me. "Hey baby, how was the rides?" I asked. "Really fun!" She replied. "Look at what Jack won." I said, showing her the big puppy. "Is it real!?" She asked. "No baby, it's not." I replied. She slumped down.

"Why can't we get a real puppy?" She asked. "Because mommy doesn't like puppies." I replied. "But mummy, they're so cute!" She exclaimed. "Grandma has a puppy, and so does Grandpa." I replied. "Really?" She asked. I nodded.

We are never, and I mean never getting a puppy. Big, small, medium, hair, no hair. Never.


"I can't believe we got a puppy." I sighed, as we sat in the car, with two sleeping babies, and a wide awake Jackie and Lauren. "But we got it as a family." Ashton smiled. I rolled my eyes. "This better bring this family closer." I said. "It will. But hey, look, we're already close." He said. "Yeah, but there's things going on, that aren't so good." I replied. He nodded.

"It was good seeing Henry." I spoke. "It was. What a shocker it was though. Why is he here again?" He replied. "Ally's mom recently moved here. She wanted a change in scenery." I replied. He nodded, and gripped the steering wheel. "Oh, please. Babe, come on." I smiled, putting my hand on his thigh. He smirked, and jolted his hips up.

"We're home." Ashton said, finally turning on the street. Nicole and Bryant woke up, and groaned. "Ashton, who's here?" Lauren asked, as we pulled into the driveway. He looked closer, and froze. "Babe?" I asked. "Ashton?" Lauren asked.

"Oh no. Nope." Ashton said, getting out of the car. "Ashton! What are you doing!" I yelled, getting out of the car. "Stay here." I said, before slamming the door closed. I ran to Ashton, who was stomping over to the person on the front deck.

"How dare you come here after hurting my sister!" Ashton screamed. "Ashton, stop it right now!" I yelled, holding onto his shoulder. "Please, I just want to talk to Lauren." Jack replied. "No! You won't ever talk to her, now leave!" He yelled. "Please, M-" "I know what you pressured her into! I know you got her drunk! I know you made her get high! Now, for doing those things to my sister, you should be punished, but I'm sure your mother is d-" "Ashton! No! Stop it right now! Jack, go." I said.

"Inside, now." I said, pushing Ashton inside the door. He groaned, and stomped inside. I waved to Lauren, so she knows to come inside. "You and I are having a serious, long talk." I said. So much for the family day.


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