A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


14. Chapter Fourteen

Ashley's POV

I woke up still in my car, but an ambulance was across the road. I looked around, and felt my head. Why is my head wet? I looked at my fingers. I'm bleeding. What happened?

"Ms. Are you okay? We're going to get you out, okay?" The medic said, as he unbuckled my seatbelt. "I'm fine. I'm okay." I replied, holding onto his shoulder.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" A police officer asked. "Sir, she just got into a head on collision. Can't you see she needs help? Once we get her to the hospital, it'll b-"

"Oh my god. That's Ashton's car." I said. I let go of the medic, and ran to the car. He's not in here. "Where's the man who was in here!?" I yelled. A bunch of people pointed to the ambulance.

I ran to the truck, and saw exactly what I didn't want to happen. My breathing got heavy, as I put my hand to my chest. "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." I hyperventilated. "Ashton." I cried. "Ms, you can't be in here." Someone said. "This is my husband." I cried.

"Did you get checked out?" She asked. "N-no." I replied. "Come, sit down. We'll get you looked at." She smiled.

"You're heart beat and blood pressure is high. Tell me, do you have a family?" She asked. I nodded. "Tell me about your family." She smiled. "I have a nine year old... Daughter, Jackie. Who was with my ex... Boyfriend. Then there's Nicole... She's four. Then... There's Bryant. He's two." I replied.

"What do you adore about them?" She asked. "Jackie... Is everything I am. Nicole's smile is... Adorable. And Bryant's.... Eyes. Just like his fathers." I said. She nodded. "Okay, we're going to take you and your husband to the hospital to run some tests, okay? Don't worry." She smiled.

Michael's POV

"Hey jack." I smiled, as Jackie got into the car. "Where's mum?" She asked, throwing her bag in the back of the car. "I don't know. Ashton told me to pick you up last night." I replied.

"So, how was school?" I asked. "Good." She replied. "Just good?" I asked. She nodded. "Anything fun happen?" I asked. "Umm, nope." She replied, with a smile.

"Tell me." I smiled. "Well, my crush, he um, he likes me." She smiled. "Crush?" I asked. She nodded. "I might have to talk to this crush, yeah?" I asked. "No, Mikey. No." She snapped.

As we were driving, my phone started ringing. "Who is it, squirt?" I asked. "I don't know." She replied, handing me my phone.

"Michael Clifford." I answered. "Hi, this is Georgia McAdams, I work at the Manchester medical center, I'm aware you're on the emergency contact list for Ashley Irwin?" The lady asked. "Um, may I ask what this is about?" I asked. "Mr, and Mrs Irwin had a head on collision. We're calling the closest family. Mrs Irwin told us whom to call." She replied.


I ran into the hospital with Jackie holding my hand, and Calum and Luke behind me. Calum held Nicole and Bryant, and Lauren was behind Luke.

"Michael Clifford. Ashley Irwin was omitted into this hospital." I said. "Yes, um, she's alright." She stuttered. "What room is she?" I asked. "Only family is allowed." She said. "We are her family. These are her children. And we're her brothers." I fibbed. "Room 404." She replied.

"Lauren and Luke, you stay here with the kids." I said. "What? No, Ashley i-" "I don't want them coming into that room." I spoke. She huffed, and walked over to the chairs.

Ashley's POV

I rocked back and forth, as I sat on the hospital bed. I hurt him, and I could've killed him. I could've killed myself.

"Ashley?" A voice said. Four pairs of feet walked in, and Michael and Calum stood there. "What happened?" Michael asked.

"Ashton and I had a head on collision. And... I don't know how he is. I have some scratches and a concussion. And... When I saw Ashton laying on the gurney.... He looked so lifeless and so... I hurt him." I cried.

"No, no you didn't hurt him." Calum said, sitting next to my on the bed. "Yes I did. I was talking to Livvy, trying to tell her what Luke did, and... I was speeding. I wasn't paying attention." I cried.

"Ashley Ann-Marie Green." A very familiar voice said. No. I looked up, seeing Annelyy, Livvy, my dad and Rachel standing in the doorway. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was at work, when I got a call from London, saying my daughter and her husband were omitted in the hospital for a head on collision." My dad said. I looked down. "And then, I find out you were talking to Livvy about something Luke did. She called me, panicking, and we took the first flight out here." He said.

"Has anyone seen Ashton?" I asked. "Right here." A voice said. "Oh my god, Ashton." I cried, getting up. I hugged him tightly, and looked at his face. "I'm fine. A little bruise here and there. Nothing major. But you... Bruises, scratches, stitches and a concussion." He said. "I'm so glad you're okay." I cried.

"Mr. Green." Ashton spoke. "Mr. Irwin." My dad replied. "Can you all give us a minute with Livvy?" I asked. "Ashley, I don't think you nor her are in the right mind right now." Ashton said.

"Mummy!" Nicole exclaimed, running to me. "Luke, what the hell. I told you to keep them in the waiting room." Michael said. "Lauren wouldn't let me keep them there. She won't even talk to me." Luke replied. "Why? Lauren loves you." Livvy replied.

"Mrs. Irwin, I see you have some visitors." The doctors smiled. I nodded, and held Nicole close to me. "Well, I have the news I've been wanting to give you, after I did the ultrasound." She smiled.

"Ultrasound? She's pregnant?" Ashton asked. "No, no. I did an ultrasound to make sure there wasn't anything messed up in the belly, just incase she desires another baby." She said. He nodded.

"So, everything seems normal. There's nothing to be worried about. But, you do need rest. And you need to get rid of your concussion." She said. "How long will that take?" I asked. "Three to four weeks. Five the latest. Which means, and I know whom you work for, and getting over your concussion.... Means no work." She said. I shook my head. "I have to work. Can I work from home?" I asked. "Yes. Just not too much stress, that could trigger an even worse concussion." She replied. I nodded.

"Sir, can I speak to you?" She asked, turning to Ashton. He nodded.

Ashton's POV

"So, your wife was... very upset when we first found both of you. She does have many charges on her for being on the phone while driving, and for speeding. Which is two tickets, and a five hundred dollar fine for talking on the phone while driving, but that's the least of my worries." The doctor said. I nodded.

"So, when we first got her out, she was very, very worried and angry with herself. She was mumbling things, and blaming herself. Sir, I don't mean to cause any problems, but... is your wife stable?" She asked. "Excuse me, but my wife is very stable." I replied. "Sir, people who drive that fast, down the road she was going on, was pretty much suicide. I want to make sure she is mentally and emotionally stable, especially with three kids." She said.

"Listen, my wife has been through a lot. She's been through pregnancies, custody battles, fires, losing lives, and so much stress. She might have gotten a little crazy, and she might not have been in the right state of mind, but I promise you, she would never, and I mean never try to commit suicide. She may have had some problems with self harming herself before, but when I tell you she would never commit suicide." I said. She nodded.

"Now, I have some concerns about you, Mr. Irwin." She said. I looked at her. "Previous surgery on the pancreas, and I just want to touch upon that subject again." She said. I nodded. "When did you get the surgery?" She asked. "A few years ago." I replied. "Have you had any pains recently?" She asked. "I've been having pains in my stomach." I replied. She nodded, and wrote something down.

"So, you and your wife are free to go home whenever you're ready. But, I would like to see you back here for some testing." She said. I nodded. "And sir, watch out for your wife. She was rocking back and forth on the bed today." She said. I nodded.


So, in the next chapter, there's going to be a lot said, and a lot is going to happen There's going to be characters you haven't heard from in a while, and some fights. Lots of drama, and lots of family time. Especially some sibling bonding. Not saying between who. Some characters are going to stay for a while. Not saying who, but some may be shocked, and some may not.

I will give a hint on who the character will stay. This character was brought up in this chapter, and in the chapter where it's all Ashton's POV. Comment who you think it is! 

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