A New Start

After moving to London, Ashton and Ashley start new. New house, new job, new atmosphere. Ashley works for the biggest magazine company in London. Ashton, is still going on with his drumming. After being married for two years, Ashton and Ashley are still struggling with rumors, fights, and their children growing up. Follow Ash&Ash once again in, A New Start


8. Chapter Eight

Luke and I where laughing and dancing around when the door bell rang. Luke smirked at me and bolted off to answer it. "Luke! Don't you dare!" I yelled, trying to run after him but lets face it, I'll never catch him. I got to the stairs to the door as soon as Luke opened the door.

"Oh, hello Mr. Hemmings!" Jack smiled and shakes Luke's hand. "Hello jack." Luke said seriously. Is he really gonna do this? "Hey Lauren. You look amazing." Jack smiled, and kissed my cheek. "Hi Jack." I smiled. "We should probably get going to the party now." He said. "Okay yeah." I said. "Bye Luke, see you later!" I smiled, and kissed his cheek goodbye. It's not weird I swear. It's not! But it does kind of make Jack jealous.

"Bye Mr. Hemmings." Jack smiled, taking my hand in his. "Bye guys, have fun and be safe." Luke yelled after us. Jack and I started walking to the party since it was only a few blocks away, and also because Jack doesn't exactly have a car. "Jack, please don't do anything stupid at this party." I look at him and say. "What makes you think I would?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. "Because I know you too well." I mumbled.


Ugh. Jack is drunk. "Hey babe! Come try this!" Jack slurred, as he shoved a red plastic cup at my hands. "No, we need to leave. It's getting late." I said, started to stand up. "How about no. Now try this now." He said, pulling my arm back down, making me sit next to him. He's getting angry. "No. I said we need to leave. Now lets go." I said grabbing his arm.

"Try this and we can leave." Jack said. I guess I have to. "Fine give me the fucking cup." I grabbed the cup, drank what was in it. Disgusting. I know the taste of vodka, and that was it. "There now lets leave." I said, grabbing his arm but he sat down on a sofa. "Nah, I just wanted you to drink that." He said with a smirk. "You need to let loose babe! Stop being so uptight!" He yelled. "Fine. But tomorrow were having a long hard talk about this." There is no use in fighting with a drunk person.

"Hey babe, look." Jack said, as he smoked pot. "That's great, Jack." I replied uninterested. "Do you want some?" He asked. "No." I replied sharply. "Oh, come on babe. Everyone is doing it." He smiled. I looked around. He's right. "Alright, yeah." I sighed.


My drunk and high self, gets up from the floor, and goes to the bathroom. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I grip the ends of the sink in the bathroom, and try to hold down the liquor. I'm going to be dead once I get home.

I get back from the bathroom and there is no sign of Jack. I scanned the room, until I saw him in a corner... Kissing... Someone. I walked over to where he was standing. With every step of Ashley's heels I got even more angry. With the anger, and the alcohol, and me being high, it doesn't mix well. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!" I screamed, as I pushed Jack off of her.

"Who the hell are you?" The girl asked. She was the head cheerleader at my school and the biggest bully to everyone. Her name was Rachel Haddox. "Lauren Irwin, bitch! And Jack's ex girlfriend!" With that being said, she hit the floor with one big punch. I turned and looked at Jack. "We're done. Don't call me, look at me, or talk to me ever again." I said and ran out. I was a few houses down when I noticed it was dark out. I pulled out my phone. Who to call? Not Ashley. Definitely not Ashton. I saw Luke's name... I pressed call, and waited for Luke to answer.

Phone convo)

L- Luke M- me

L- "Hey Laur, what's wrong?"

M-" it's Jack. Can you please come pick me up?" I replied, trying not to cry.

L- "yeah where are you?" I heard some shuffling noise in the background, which means he was probably in bed already.

M- "I'm at the corner of Brittney and Edmonds. Hurry it's dark"

L- "I'm on my way laur, stay there" He said in a soothing voice.

After that, we hung up and a few minutes later he arrived in Ashton's car. I guess they got home. They are going to kill me if they see me high, and drunk.

"Thank you Luke" I said, getting in the car. "You're welcome, now who do the guys and I have to kill for making you cry?" He asked seriously. I laughed a little. "It's just jack. I caught him snogging with Rachel Haddox." I said. "Oh Lauren, I'm so sorry. I wish I could help you." He said, as we pulled up to the house. "It's alright. Thank you for picking me up." I smiled, and hugged him. "You're welcome." He hugged me back and laughed ever so slightly.

When we got inside Ashley and Ashton where sitting on the sofa waiting for me. They knew I went to a party and they know I always behave at them. Except for this time. "I can practically smell the alcohol!" Ashley yelled, as I walked over to them. "Are you... Are you high?! Your pupils are small! You're high!" She exclaimed. I closed my eyes.

"Guys, she's had a really rough night." Luke sighed. "What do you mean, rough night? You went to the party with Jack. He doesn't drink." She said. I shook my head. "He drinks. He smokes. He does pot. He made me do it tonight." I replied. "And then.... I found him snogging some whore in the corner." I cried.

Ashley took my hand in hers, and pulled me down to the couch. "Oh, honey, I am so sorry." She sighed. Ashton stayed quiet.

"It's going to be alright. He doesn't know how lucky he was. You're an amazing girl, and he obviously didn't see that." She smiled, pushing my hair out of my face.

What's going on? I heard crying?" Calum said, as he walked into the living room. "Jack cheated on Lauren" Ashley said quietly. He made eye contact with Ashton. "He doesn't know what he lost." He said, still looking at Ashton. I smiled lightly at him. "Thanks Calum" I said, and reached out to hug him. "So, should we get Mikey and go kill him?" Luke asked me. I laughed. "As much as you should I don't think that's a good idea" Ashley laughed.

"No, I think it's a great idea. I told you Ash. I told you!" Ashton yelled, standing up. "Ashton, stop." I said. "No! He cheated on you! He pressured you into drinking, and getting high! No one does that to you! No one!" He yelled, storming off upstairs.

"Now, for more important things.... Is that... My dress?" Ashley asked. "Um, I didn't have anything else to wear." I replied. "And.... My shoes?" She asked. "What are sisters for?" I asked slowly. She shook her head and laughed.

"Go ahead up to bed. Shower and wash that smell off of you." Ashley said. I nodded. "And just throw the dress and heels into the wash room. I'll clean it tomorrow. You need to sleep." She said. I nodded again.

Ashton's POV

I slammed the bedroom door shut, and just paced the room. I did everything I could to protect her from this! Everything. And it happened because I didn't see how much of an asshole this kid was.

I opened the closet, and looked at the box. No no. "Ashton, no." Someone said behind me. I turned around seeing Ashley. "I wasn't going to... No." I said. She nodded, and took the small box out of my hands.

"Talk to me about it." She said, sitting me on the bed. "I tried everything I could to protect her from this, and then... This... Happens. I hate seeing her hurt." I said, clenching my fists. I ran over to the wall, and punched it.

"Ashton!" Ashley yelled, running to my side. "Punching things is no way to deal with things, okay? You have to talk it out." She said. I took a deep breath.

"Don't think for one minute I won't kill this kid. Unless his damn mother gets t-" "Ashton Fletcher Irwin. I never want to hear you say that again. That is no way to talk about this situation." She exclaimed.

"Why'd you use my full name." I groaned. "Because you're being this way. No matter what that boy did, it gives you no right to say things like that." She replied. "It should be." I mumbled.

"Stop being such a child. I know you're angry, and I know you're angry with yourself. But you need to realize these things are going to happen like this. She's fifteen, what do you expect? She's going to get burned, she's going to get hurt. But you need to be the brother who steps up, and takes it a better way, than storming away, because that makes the situation worse." She said. I sighed.

"I swear, if he goes anywhere near her, I won't hesitate to have him arrested, or dead." I threatened. She sighed. "I'll even get a fucking r-" "language, Ashton, language." She said. "I'll get a restraining order on him." I said.

"Okay, you need to cool down. Go take a shower and calm down." She said. I nodded, and punched the wall again. "Stop it." She yelled. I groaned, and walked out the bedroom.


Lauren's POV

"Hey mom." I smiled, as my mum answered her phone. "Hey, how's London?" She asked. "It's great. Ashton is like my dad, and Ashley is so nice and so understanding about everything. She's like the sister I always wanted." I smiled. "That's great honey. Hey, I'm busy with Harry right now, call me later, okay?" She asked. "Okay. I love you." I said. "I love you too. Goodnight baby girl." She replied, before hanging up.

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