My Poetry

This is a collection of
MY Peotry, this is some of my deepest thoughts and feelings.


5. SImplicity

See how the waves crash upon the shore, destroying the earth it lands on. Everyone little grain of sand was created by something larger than itself. Beyond the water’s edge is a vast and deep ocean, going on for miles and miles almost endless. The simplicity of life is something man could never grasp. We do not begin to dare to grasp the concept of a simple life, a life where one is connected with nature . Man must take what life gives him, like a grain of sand taking the relentless beating of the beautiful waves of fate. We must let our destinies unfold along with letting them shape us to be who we are destined to become. We must endure the efforts of fate with a steady hand and an open heart, for our fate is with nature, completely supported by our land that we were given by who knows who. We have wronged, we are the ones meant for the beating, instead we beat our one true provider. We are the grains of sand against the current not the currents forging this land given to us by fate.

I am stone made from years of hard work and endurance given relief by nature, given life by nature. I do not understand  why I’m stone, soon to be sand, and then dust. Although I do not need to understand, for I am the stone being broken down into my destiny forged by nature herself. Man has no limits to what we can accomplish but none of it would matter without the one thing needed for survival. A man whose life is with nature shall thrive, for he has everything needed to live happily.  On the other hand a man whose life is without nature shall not know peace. Shall not be made whole. We are nothing but a grain of sand in and endless ocean always being changed. I am one with nature, can you say the same? For I have accepted my fate as the grain of sand along an endless beach, being shaped by nature forever, and always.

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