My Poetry

This is a collection of
MY Peotry, this is some of my deepest thoughts and feelings.


7. Promised

You promised forever

But I received never

you had given me up for one who has a better smile, laugh, body.

I was promised forever

you promised me happiness, eternal bliss.

And all you said was a sweet lie wrapped around a cold blade with the word truth engraved 

You said I was your prince and you were my knight.

You were given everything that I had

And all I was given was broken promises.

You promised me

No more lies, No more pain, No more loneliness,

But all I got was No more you

I was promised your love...but your love was given to another.

I was promised everything and I had promised  everything

But your promises were broken to begin with

I was promised absolutely nothing, and I believed it all

I fell for you and your empty lies

You promised

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