My Poetry

This is a collection of
MY Peotry, this is some of my deepest thoughts and feelings.


4. Pretty People

My heart is in a cage, I am forbidden to show weakness, to show my true feelings, forgive me for what I've done and what I've said. I can no longer bare the burden of keeping my emotions locked within, You cannot ask so much of me. You know what I am to say, you know what I will say. Mans heart is not suppose to feel so much emotion so intensely. I am to be a shell, I am to cast away emotion. For I am one of the pretty people, I am the one that is supposed to be perfect, supposed to be the role model. My heart is supposed to be untouchable, my heart is untouchable just in the wrong way. Let me speak for the pretty people, we are just like you...human. 

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