Zayn's Girl

Amanda is a 19 years old girl who moved to London. She totally love One Direction. One day Zayn visited the restaurant she worked at. They become friends and more. Is the love strong enough?... Find out in "Zayn's Girl"!


1. New city, new life?

Amanda's P.O.V

I used to live in New Zealand but my parents decided to move to London. I found a job as a waitress in a restaurant. I woke up at 7 and did my morning routine. I weared a oceanblue shirt with the logo of the restaurant, some jeans and black vans. I stepped out of the door jumped in my car and drove to the restaurant called "Rosengarden". It was about 5 minutes cardrive away from my apartment.

I didn't lived with my parents but I moved with them because I wanted to start a new life. As I arrived a girl at the same age stood there and started to talk to me. "Hi, you're Amanda are'nt you?", she asked. "Yeah, that's me, why are you asking?", I answered. "I should show you around and help you with some things", she smiled at me. She seemed nice, maybe we could be friends? I smiled back and asked:"So, what's your name?" "Oh, I'm Sara, sorry forgot to introduce myself", Sara laughed. I worked from 9 to 3 in the afternoon. After work I drove home, because I was a little tired from all the work.

I got some icecream and turned on my TV. It was a interview with One Direction! I love them! It got late so I called the pizza service and ordered some pizza. I went to bed earlier because I was rrally tired from all the work and it was just the first day.

So, this was the first chapter of "Zayn's Girl". Hope you liked it. Sorry, I'm not good at English so if there are some mistakes SORRY. :) Bye

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