New Years Eve. The flames, The buzz. The fireworks...


1. The night.

The darkness which seemed to engulf the misty night was filled with both noise and a vibrant atmosphere.

Fizzing, singing and the sound of useless pop music swam round my head as I gazed despondently at the roaring amber blaze. Dancing in the misty night, like an elegant ballerina, it seemed to lick the surrounding barriers. Hissing like an angry snake, it searched for its helpless pray. The deadly silhouettes of arrogant humans lay in front of anger and misery in its pure form. Flames.

Sharp sticks were stabbed through the foamy flesh of the air filled treats before they were hung over the swaying, tickling flames. They flickered almost magically, almost enchanting me, trying to taunt me. As the nauseating odour rose to meet me I coughed, letting the sickly fragrance pass by me. I spun round to examine the senseless scene which lay before me. Swarms of children drunk on the copious amounts of sugar they had consumed were crowded round pointless stalls filled with expensive games and vile snacks. Sadness filled my heart as I watched them throw their money away. The worst aspect was how they wanted to, how they smiled and laughed whilst doing it. I sighed angrily; people can be so stupid sometimes.

Putrid glasses of sickly brown liquid sloshed round the cheap plastic glasses in which the school had decided to supply; the fools. Many lay smashed and broken across the emerald green grass where the fireworks were about to be let off from.

The brightly coloured missiles lay angled at the sky with flammable cords lying along the moist sections of the old playing field. The red caps were pointed and yet curved so they looked both friendly and aggressive. Luminous orange letters screamed child friendly product but in reality, it endangered their lives if used recklessly. Shocking shades of pink and purple zig-zagged up the smooth metal base until they abruptly faded into nothing. The impression given by the packaging did not reflect the terror and the dangers the item was likely to cause. Only the scratch on the side where the paint had peeled off, leaving a rough textured surface, truly showed the despair and misery it could cause to not only a family, but a community.

Excitement seemed to reach its climax as the crowds began to group together like a pack of hungry wolves. I waited until they stood behind the thick plastic barriers before I calmly strolled into the building and climbed up three flights of stairs so I could have a bird’s eye view of the event. The count down began as a man who wore a reflective yellow jacket squeezed passed the fences and held up his burning splint to show the eager crowd.  With caution, he knelt down and swiftly lit the cords of each explosive rocket. Rapidly, he dived back and threw himself over the gate.

5...4...3...2...1...   Happy New Year!


Hiss… Hiss… Hiss… BANG!

I watched in awe as one by one they shot into the air like a bullet from a gun. Smoothly, they sailed through the sky until the spark met the explosive substance. Sparks of red, green and yellow lit up the magnificent sky as they each spread randomly across the misty haze. Small blazes spread along the horizon as people across the country felt it fit to blow up thousands of pounds worth of dangerous toys. Loosely, the shapes formed a heart as the warhead in the centre shot up into the empty night. Elegance and pure beauty. As much as I wanted to, not even I could deny the magnificence of the display.

Then, Silence…

The noise and a vibrant atmosphere seemed to fade into misty night as it lead the way into the new year.

​"For what is to come..." I mumbled to myself before I snuck away, once again engulfed by the darkness...

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