Love! 2

"" you have to read 'love' first ""

Will jennifer and justin ever come back together.


3. pleas take me back

Jennifers pow

Tears started to fall down of my face and I pushed justin away from me.

" don't you get it" I screamed at him and ran out of the bathroom.

" jenny please listen I LOVE YOU" he screamed at me but I try to not listen and run.

I ran into a white room it was empty, I turned on the lights but then I could se justin come i ran into the rum and realized i was stuck now.

He came closer and closer, he came in the room and looked at me with his big brown eyes.

" jennifer please " he said quite and came closer, now I started to feel a wall behind me and i know i was stuck cause justin was only one step away from me and i was against a wall.

" please " he said very quite and now he was so close to me that I could feel his worm body on me and behind me a wall,

I couldn't talk i was speechless.

" jenny please forgive me" he wispers in my ear and I could feel his breath on my neck.

I couldn't help it anymore so I pushed him of me.

" DON'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID JUSTIN!!!" I screamed and run out of the room and over to my table.

" sweetie whats wrong why are you crying " said caya and she looked worried.

" it's j-j-justin " i said and every time i said his name tears just started to falling down.

But then justin came running over to me again,

I ran outside and justin was still following me, after about 30 minutes runnig in the woods my body couldn't take it anymore and i fall down on the ground.

I could see justin take me up in his arm he carried me to his car and laid me down in the back seat.

" justin what are you doing " i said but i was to tired to run away he gave me a bottle of water and i drink it all.

" thanks " i said and he came close to me and picked me up and carried me out in the woods.

" justin where are you taking me" i said but he didn't answer.

" please let me down" i said

" not until you give me a kiss" he said and let me down but I couldn't go because justin had his arms around my wais very tied.

" pleas forgive me " he said but I didn't answer him but then a tear fall down from my eye.

" jennifer do you remember when i let you in the castle in disneyland and when we kissed on the stage to one less lonely girl..... I can't live without you the only song i can make it's sad songs... I'm so sorry about you know bryden i was out of control but the only thing i want it's to be with you... You see me like a justin not justin bieber and you always make me happy but if you not with me I feel this big hole inside of me" he said I could maby give him a chance i gave him a big hug.

" i forgive you " I wisperd in his ear and he pulled away and he kissed me but I didn't kiss him and I pushed him away.

" whats wrong" he said despondent.

" i don't think it's better if we are just friends " I said quite and justin looked so hurt and he's eyes stated to tear up I couldn't help it but run away cause I didn't like to se him hurt.

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