Love! 2

"" you have to read 'love' first ""

Will jennifer and justin ever come back together.


1. movie party

1 year ago:

Jennifer's pow

After school me and Alison wanted to see a movie so I called caya

" hey " she said

" hi I just wanted to say I don't think I'm home for dinner today"

" okay sweetie have fun bye " she said and hung up.

We got in my car yes I said my car I got a car to my 17 birthday present from my parents it was a white masedes.

We went to the bio.

Justin's pow

I made my album believe it was done.

And my friends and I wanted to go to a party so we did it was fun to get out a bit.

After the party was the clock 2 I got home and went to bed.

Jennifer's pow

After the movie I went home and got go bed.

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