Love! 2

"" you have to read 'love' first ""

Will jennifer and justin ever come back together.


2. Lovett

Jennifer's pow

I woke up and put some clothes on and went down stairs to caya she had a really pretty dress on.

"Jenny are you wearing that to the party" she asked me

" oh shit i forgot " I said and run up to my room I took a tied short black dress and went down and took my purse and of course a Appel.

We went down in the car and started to drive.

Justin's pow

I woke up and looked over at the clock shit it was 15:12 I had to go and preform to this party so I took on some black jeans and a white shirt with a golden necklace and went to my car and started to drive I think my manager scotter going to be really angry cause I'm a little late.

Jennifer's pow

After 2 hours driving we was at the party there was a sene and around the sene there was many round white tables.

We went to our tables there was many of caya's friend there I was a little bored.

" so who's going to play " I said pointing on the sene

" I think it was Adele Katy Perry and some others " said one of caya's friends.

After 30 minutes some guy at the sene came with microphone.

" welcome lady's and gentlemen to the first singer its Justin bieber with the song boyfriend " he said while everyone was clapping, I was in shock.

Then Justin came and started to sing I tried to hide behind caya's back, but then in the middle of the song I could't take it anymore, tears streaming down of my face and I run over to the bathroom but when I run Justin saw me and he stopped the song.

I went to the bathroom and washing my face but then someone with a black hottie came in and putted his hands on my shoulders and he took the hottie of, omg it was Justin I trying to get away but then he hugged me.

" pleas... Forgive me please " he whispered in my ear.

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