my neighbor

Malarie is 17 at the time. A new neighbor moves next door to her, Harry Styles. Malarie knew something was wrong right away because she lived in a normal neighborhood. Harry moved into an average home. When he comes over to say hi, Harry finds Malarie attractive. See them fall in love and find out what happened to Harry.
To find out more, read my prolouge!


1. Prolouge


I looked outside to see who was going to be my new neighbor. Oh god please let it be a girl my age. But I can also live with a cute boy... My new neighbor then pulled into the houses driveway. A boy came out of a car, with shaggy brown hair, that had to be cut. He was about my height, and skinny. I didn't see his face until he faced towards my window. I ducked so I wouldn't see him. Or he wouldn't see me. But I lied. I never saw his face.  

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