my neighbor

Malarie is 17 at the time. A new neighbor moves next door to her, Harry Styles. Malarie knew something was wrong right away because she lived in a normal neighborhood. Harry moved into an average home. When he comes over to say hi, Harry finds Malarie attractive. See them fall in love and find out what happened to Harry.
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4. Midnight beginnings



    After talking to Malarie, my whole world is starting to change. She is so pretty! I really hope she doesn't figure out that I'm Harry Styles. That would really affect everything. All the memories I made with her, in the few minutes we were talking.... But I really like her and want to stay with her. I love her. I want her. All of her. No matter what. But I can't, she can't know who I am. 
    As I approached my driveway, I noticed she was dancing up in her bedroom window. I laughed to myself. "She likes me." I said, blushing. "Time to go to bed." I dug into my pocket looking for my key. Until I realized I rented it out for the night to gain some extra cash. I decided that I would go back to Malarie's house and ask if I can stay the night. I have to admit, she could be annoyed that I was coming back... But she might like me! If she didn't like my first impression, I'll be sleeping in the cold. But... It's the end of summer. It wouldn't be that bad. Just a little chilly. 
    I made up my mind.
    I ran to Malarie's house. 


    I was dancing in my room from excitement, when the doorbell rang. Again. This time I put on a sweater, so I wasn't totally exposed. 
    Boy. Was I glad to see that I had put on a sweater for a good reason. It was my Aunt Kimberly. She hates me, my Mom and even her own brother, my Dad. She is peer evil. "Oh? I thought this was your mother! You've grown so much..." Her voice trailed off. I could tell she hated this. "Where's your father?" Before I could answer, my mom came downstairs to see the ugly sight of my Aunt. She rolled her eyes and said, "Hiii! He isn't home currently, but he'll be back tomorrow." The Deadly Aunt from The West looked puzzled. My mom slowly shoved her elbow into my side and I blurted out, "He's out on a work trip." She obviously didn't care so she walked off, summoned a taxi and drove off back to her wicked castle.
    I was closing the door when a man's hand slipped through. I started to blush because it was him. The boy I fell in love with just a few minutes ago. 
    "Um.. I don't want this to come off weird but... Can I stay the night?" I stared at him for a while until he said, "I rented out my house for a while to make some extra cash." I nodded my head and said, "I'll get a futon ready. Also, I am sorry it's a futon, but-" He cut me off. "I don't care if it's a block of wood." I blushed a lot. My face was probably a tomato at that point. 
    I set up the futon. I had no room in my house, so it was in my room. He jumped down onto the futon grabbing my hand after he got comfortable. "Your a great host! And your Mom is a great cook! Also, is she asleep?" I paused and peered out into her bedroom. I walked down the hallway and saw that her TV was on and she was dead asleep. I shut her door and tiptoed back into my room, where Harry was. "Yes, and I shut her door too." I felt a little weary not knowing why I did this. But I shrugged. "Hey, Harry? Can you turn around? I need to change into my PJ's." He nodded and crawled out of his cocoon and into the corner.
     After I got into my PJ's I said he could turn around. He did and was shocked to see I was in a bra and shorts. "Sorry. This is what I wear to bed at night. I'll change if this makes you uncomfortable." He smiled and said, "Perfect. You are perfect." I blushed and realized how skimpy I looked. I shook off the bad thoughts and sat down next to him. "Malarie. You are great. I don't have any ideas of taking advantage of you so don't be worried. I am not that type of person." I nodded. I took his arm and dashed downstairs. "We're making popcorn!" I whispered. Harry's face lit up with delight. 
I went into my cupboard to find
my secret stash of microwaveable popcorn. No one knows, but me. Now Harry does... yay!! "Here it is!" I said, trying to be quiet. "Let's pop it in for one minute then chow down!" I revised what I said... Gross! Your revealing your feelings, Malarie. Stop. "Thanks Malarie for all of this! Your too kind to me. How can I repay you?" Harry surprised me, so I thought for a minute. "Well, Harry, I-" BING! "Popcorns done! Hopefully my mom didn't hear. Do you like salt? Butter?"
"I like a little salt, with TONS of butter. Not to demand much."
"Nah it's fine, well, you can put it on. Harry..." He picked me up and gave me a kiss. I was sitting on the counter, making out with an insanely cute boy. This is a dream. Right? He started to moan, so I pulled back, gasping for air. "Stop! I can't hold it in!" I whispered, with lots of emotion. "Please, let's get a movie and we can continue this later. Okay?" He nodded. 


I was so happy, finally getting the feelings I held for Malarie, out. We are going to
continue what we have just started. Wait, Harry, you can't let her figure out who you are. "Malarie, dear, I like this movie. Of course, if you like it." I stammered. 
"Harry! I love that movie! What a coincidence." I blushed with a small girlish giggle
that surprised me. 
"Great! That settles it! Naruto the last. Such a great movie."
"Ya, sorry I seem geekish. But truth be told, I love anime! But, I don't want to ruin our relationship. At all. Please don't judge me." Malarie closed her eyes and spoke nothing. 
I paused, waiting for suspension. "I love you no matter what. I will always be there
for you. No matter what. I love you so much! I can't bear it anymore! Upstairs we go!" 


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