my neighbor

Malarie is 17 at the time. A new neighbor moves next door to her, Harry Styles. Malarie knew something was wrong right away because she lived in a normal neighborhood. Harry moved into an average home. When he comes over to say hi, Harry finds Malarie attractive. See them fall in love and find out what happened to Harry.
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2. Door bell


I was drawing in my room when the door bell rang. Of course I screamed, "IM COMING!" I felt so stupid and regretted that right away. It was a shock when I opened the door and saw... Some random dude that is my new neighbor. He looked familiar, and a little cute. At that time, my face was red with blush because I was in sweats and a see-through t-shirt. I was not wearing a bra. You could see everything. I mean legit everything. Gross! Then he spoke up, "Hi! I'm your new neighbor, Harry. I brought you this house warming gift. I hope you like it! It's chocolate and  muffins. To share with your family." I was too embaressed and shocked to respond. But words came out and all hell broke loose. "Ooooo! Thanks! Your too kind to do this. So hurry up and leave before my parents see how cute you are." I quickly put my hand up to my face and apologized. All he was doing was laughing. But then I thought about him... Harry... He looks like Harry Styles. Shut up Malarie. Come on! Your not lucky enough to see him even at a concert! "So, Harry, um.... Are you-? Never mind. It's nothing." He shrugged and waved goodbye to me. I didn't know what to do after that. I ran upstairs, jumped into bed, and screamed into my pillow. "Harry! The new bachelor! With Malarie as his first elegible girlfriend!" Oh my god. I'm boy crazy! 



so how is it going so far? PLEASE comment suggestions! 

- maksu 


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