Y/N is a normal teenage girl in high school, and then again maybe not so normal. Her grades have been better, and so has her relationship with the teachers. She's used to being alone and minding her own business, but what to do when the two hottest guys from school start seeming interested in her mysterious personality?
TW/Death of family member


1. New School

Y/N woke up to the sound of her pesky alarm clock, as always. After a long time of getting herself together to get up from her warm bed, she made her way to the kitchen and picked up basic black jeans and a hoodie, which was way too big for her. Grabbing the almost empty box of cereal and pouring it into her bowl together with the milk, she looked around the kitchen, staring blankly towards the room of her mom. A loud snoring came from the room, but Y/N wasn't surprised that her mom wasn't up yet. She never was when Y/N went to school. She finished her bowl of cereal and grabbed her bag. "I'll be home later." She yells at her moms sleeping body, knowing she won't get a response. Again, nothing new. 


The walk to the new school was pretty basic but Y/N didn't pay much attention to anything else than the music blasting into her ears. She entered the parking lot of the school and the first thing she sees is an overpriced piece of metal driving towards the entrance. The person driving the cars gets out, but is immediately surrounded by giggling girls, so she couldn't get any look on the "celebrity". Whatever. Not like she cared anyways. 


Well, now that she was in the first classroom she had ever been in at her new school, she picked the last seat available at the back. She wasn't gonna draw any extra attention to herself by being in the front. Why would she? Everyone there were idiots who only cared about money and having a ton of friends. Then there was that guy in a suit who was ignoring everyone around him, being deep into studying. He still had a lot of girls around him though. Maybe he was popular. Tch, popular. The music in her ears were slowly becoming more quiet as the classroom got louder. Or rather the people in it. That happened after that loud and obnoxious, but also popular, guy came in. He was tall and had dark hair. He looked like someone with way too much energy and he didn't exactly prove her wrong. 

"Yo Sehun!" he yelled and put his hand up to greet that Sehun guy. Sehun was the name of the cold guy in a suit, apparently. They didn't seem like the typical duo. "Hi, Chanyeol." Sehun answered, not even looking up at Chanyeol. The both of them were surrounded by annoying fangirls, all wanting the two guy's attention. "I haven't seen you in forever dude! Why didn't you answer my calls?" the tall idiot asked, ruffling Sehun's hair roughly - which he groaned at. "I was studying." he answered and looked up for the first time since Y/N came. "Yeah, as if, your mom probably took your phone away from you because you didn't do the dishes!" Chanyeol laughed at his own joke which made the fangirls laugh too and give him compliments. 


That Sehun guy seemed like a snob with no humor and Chanyeol was a complete airhead with no ability to shut up. Obnoxious. Once again, Y/N felt like she wasn't gonna get any friends. It really didn't bother her anymore, she was used to it. She felt good with just being by herself, and humans were fucked up. 


The teacher came in and people quieted down, starting to fall asleep the second Mr. Green started talking about the Photosynthesis. Y/N herself were drawing small characters in her sketchbook - trying to make the time go faster. While she did that, she thought of how the first break was gonna be. Was she forced to listen to the two "hotties" talk for the rest of the day (or rather just Chanyeol) or would she be able to get away? Hm... 


Author's note! We hope you liked this first chapter even though it was short. The first chapters are always slow and kinda boring, right? We promise the next chapter will be more interesting and with more drama! Thank you for reading, XOXO Utopia <3

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