Short story collection


6. Writing prompt #4

The night was cold, & she lacked a coat but fire & fury she had in equal measure. The stars emanating the same power inside her, the same atoms. She trudged through the softly falling snow humming to herself. Knowing she couldn't escape what had to be done, she smiled. The note had only given her a time & address but she knew who she was meeting & why. She meandered along the stairway still smiling & pulled up at flat number 7C & knocked softly. The door was unlocked & she pushed it open. She was immediately aware of a gentleman to her right swinging a baseball bat at her. She caught it mid-swing before it touched her skin, wrenching it out of the mans grasp. He stared as she tested the bats weight in her hands. "What are you?" he spluttered out in a cocktail of awe, horror & fascination. "Hell in high heels." was her simple & smug reply as she returned his greeting swing. She didn't stop hitting him until he was close to losing consciousness. She looked down at the familiar sight of a defeated shell of a man. "Come find me when you wake up." She smiled & swiftly delivered the blow to relieve him of the mounting burden of his consciousness.

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