Short story collection


5. Writing prompt #3

He dipped & span the beautiful young woman in his arms as she giggled, her face a mask of joy. The music shifted to a slow & sultry melody, & the couples dancing changed accordingly. Rhythmic swaying & writhing to the ribbons of music. She enticed him out of the ballroom & up a flight of stairs under the guise of seeing the stars. She floated along the corridors & breezed in & out of room after room, until she found what she was looking for. A balcony. He followed her obediently out to the wrought iron swirls & starlight. She stood ethereal at the door & asked "Would you kill for me?" The answer took less than a second 
"Yes." he breathed. 
"Would you live for me?" She asked again stepping closer drowned in moonlight. Again he breathed a 
"Would you die for me?" She placed a hand on his chest as his back rested against the cold swirls of elegant iron.
She smiled.
"She is everything I would live & die for."
It was his last thought
 before he fell ... or rather, was pushed.

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