Short story collection


3. Writing prompt #1

She smiled as she recalled the memory of the boy she only met for a brief moment. Of how he saved her, even though she could protect herself. He stepped in front of the barrel of a Colt Anaconda revolver, rather stupidly. He was no true knight but he saved her all the same. He kept her sane, he was her friend. That night was everything she never wanted it to be. It was cold, it was dark and she was terrified. She was walking back to her apartment alone. She was already tense, then she heard it. The snap of the loading revolver at point blank to the back of her skull. She froze, speaking calmly and clearly. "Put it down and I won't hurt you." That's when the boy appeared, he looked about her age. Sliding between the barrel and her body. "You heard her, put it down." She was amused slightly at the thought of someone wanting to protect her, even though she could do it herself. The man holding the revolver lowered it slightly only to throw a punch straight to the young man's face. Breaking his nose and jaw in two punches and knocking him unconscious in three. She stepped over the young man's fallen body as the gunman raised the revolver to her forehead. She quickly and swiftly disarmed him and broke his arm in one move. She shattered the bones in his right leg with a kick to the kneecap as he knelt at her feet. With little remorse she calmly placed the cold metallic barrel against the kneeling man's temple as he cried. She pulled the trigger as the gun fired and the 44 caliber bullet ripped apart the mans skull and he finally fell. She pocketed the gun and picked up the bullet from when it exited the other side of the mans face, pocketing it as well. She picked up the still unconscious young man and put him over her shoulder. She took him back to her apartment and placed him on her sofa. She went into the kitchen and began making tea for herself and the young man in her living room. He woke up an hour later, a little dazed and confused. She made him tea and cleaned his bloody nose and other miscellaneous grazes and scrapes from when he fell. They talked for the rest of the evening over many hot drinks. He left the next morning after she had fallen asleep leaving his phone number on a note thanking her for hospitality. She had met him many times after that over coffee, in bookshops, libraries and they had many conversations over varying topics. They were good friends and nothing more. She valued his company and he valued her conversation as she had many interesting things to say. She took great joy in their conversations as no-one had listened to her before.

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