Short story collection


9. Threads

I guess you could say, I’ve always seen them. The threads connecting people together. People circling each other for years with such a strong connection, such a tight rope, I found them ridiculous for not realizing it sooner. Some people are born with their thread already attached, already leading them to their fate and some people don’t become attached until later, until they are ready. It seemed strange to me that no one else saw, or even acknowledged, their connections to others & the connections to themselves. What seemed even more so absurd to me, was the insistence of those so clearly mismatched on staying together. Even the old fall folly to this pot hole in existence that only I am seemingly able to predict.
But, I wasn’t able to predict this. The morning I woke up & found that somehow, somewhere along the way I got a thread. Silver & hooked around my little finger, you took about 3 months to find. I’d seen you before, always laughing & radiant. That morning I saw you though, I was shocked initially. I never expected to actually find you. Yet there you were, ordering coffee with this unparalleled gorgeous grin on your face. Our thread connected in the same place around the little finger on your left hand. You saw me staring, that was when you smiled at my ridiculous self and I melted. You have had me melting ever since. With your thoughts & that utterly blissfully, utterly deserved, gorgeous smile of yours, at three in the morning or two in the afternoon. For all of this I thank you, for being my thread. You couldn't be more perfect and I couldn't love you more. 

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