Short story collection


2. The myth of the sun

There was once a beautiful princess who was to inherit a kingdom made of light. She was the heart of her powerful nation, intelligent and loved by many for her gentle grace. This nation was the only glow in a world full of darkness, when the lights were the stars in the sky. But like all beloved people, she became ill. It was an ailment like no-one in or out of her kingdom had ever seen. Her father was terrified at the thought of losing his only daughter, so he commissioned an orb of colossal size to be created. This was to contain the princess and sustain her light. She was to be immortalized and frozen until such time as she could be cured. This orb was launched into the sky to protect the sleeping healing princess. She circled her kingdom in her orb, spreading her light over all the world. Her name was Helios and she was and is now our sun.  

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