Short story collection


10. Picture prompt #1

The one place she could escape, water. When things were the most awful she could always immerse herself in the numbing depths. She woke up that night wrapped up in her bed sheets, flailing to escape the folds of her quickly fading nightmare. She was drowning, which was impossible. Still gasping for breath she knew exactly what would calm her down. She needed to swim. Throwing clothes on over her favourite swimming costume, she tip-toed past her parents room and down the stairs. Dragging her bike out from behind the shed, she murmured an apology under her breath to her mother for sneaking out. After the 20 minute drive bike ride into town she pulled up at the leisure center. The near pitiful security was easy enough for her to sneak past as she turned on the lights in the swimming pool. She stripped off and sunk herself into the refreshing cold water. She stared across and the rapidly disappearing ripples she made, she pondered that if nothing else she's made that mark on the world. She was so sick of it, so sick of the people, of that town. She was sick of their rumours, of their lies. She was sick of what they'd done to her, what they had made her. The tears she didn't even know were pouring out of her silver eyes were coming thick and fast, merging with the pool water. She took an instinctive breath as she sunk to the bottom releasing the bubbles as her hair floated out in front of her. Smiling a little while releasing the last surface air bubbles like a goldfish, she curled up in the bottom of the pool. There she stayed, for 3 hours.

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