Short story collection


1. Freedom/Hope

Darkness, it’s all I remember. After they stole away my family, my home and my life. When my world came crashing down around me. Darkness. Darkness. Darkness. My name is … my name. What was it? I can’t remember. I had one, once upon a time. But now, I’m just “she” or “it” or “the feral prisoner”. The brief fracture of light that comes with the screech of “food” lasted longer than usual and the cry never came. The clank of my chains bounced off the four walls of darkness and my ankles felt distinctly lighter. I was being pulled down a damp, dark corridor. I know it’s a dream but I can’t resist that want to be free. To feel the fresh air in my lungs and the sunlight on my face again. My unparalleled hope for freedom was why I was placed in solitary confinement. I never stopped fighting. I never gave up wanting to be free. No one speaks about it here, freedom is a forbidden word. We are all just waiting to die here. Rich or poor, noble or nave we all await death here in the Asylum. They say we’re here to because we’ve done wrong. They’re wrong; we’re here because of a war between us and them. We’re here because their Queen hates us. But we will not stop fighting. We will never give up hope. As I sit and wait for my death in this box prison I wonder what I would like to life, to be free. But, I’m not sitting. I’m still running. Still being dragged forwards by a hooded figure. I’ve been escorted around the prison before, this is nothing like that. The torn dress I wore when I first arrived here so long ago clinging to me as I ran, some torn parts flapping behind me as I ran. The hooded figure and I crashed through doors as I heard the gruff shouts of men and the clanging and crashing of swords in the distance. We took a sharp left down a small flight of stairs and into what I assumed was the kitchens. It was deserted. I finally spoke up with a voice I hadn’t used in a while, “Who are you? What do you want? Why are we running?” The hooded figure clutching my wrist never missed a footstep at my sudden croaky speech and snapped back “Shut up and keep going.” We burst out of another small corridor and there it was. The sky, the blue expanse of atmosphere that seemed to stretch out for an eternity. I was blinded temporarily and slowed as my weakened form’s lack of energy caught up to me. The grass beneath my feet, the trees imposing yet elegant forms, the air flooding my lungs fresh and crisp. It was all I ever wanted to see. The hooded figure huffed in annoyance at my decrease in speed and slowed to a stop just inside the cover of the trees. It turned still not showing me its face and knelt a little saying “We don’t have time for this, get on my back.” I wrapped my arms and legs around it tentatively and asked softly still in wonder at the world. “Where are we going?” The figure replied with the one word I had waited so long to hear “Home.” 

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