But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

Four kids are forced to intervene when they notice their friend's addiction to taking selfies. Written exclusively for the Selfie Competition


1. The Selfie

"Irene, we need to talk," Mara Llewellyn said as she, Stuart Greer, Pearl Tanner, and Shara Shinnok were standing in Irene Haughton's bedroom. The group was concerned that Irene was exposing herself to the world by posting selfies of herself every few minutes. Irene had recently gotten a new phone. With that, she downloaded the app Instagram, and started taking pictures.

At first, the pictures were of her impressive toy collection and various other things, but recently, she switched to taking pictures of herself. Mainly pictures of herself standing in front of the mirror of her vanity stand. That irked her friends to no end.

"What is it?" said Irene as she faced her friends.

"You're taking too many pictures of yourself," said Stuart as he stared at Irene's Instagram profile. "It's annoying."

"How is it annoying?" said Irene.

"You're not a celebrity who can take pictures of themselves every few minutes," said Pearl. "Even celebrities need to take a break from fame every once in a while."

"Besides, taking too many selfies tells the world that you're selfish and you only care about yourself," said Shara. "Don't you want to show the world that you're a great friend, that you at least have some friends?"

"Maybe," said Irene. She picked up her phone and said, "But first, I need to take another selfie."

"You've got to be joking," said Mara, but Irene grabbed her and made her sit on the stool in front of the vanity.

"Not this time, Mara," said Irene. "My followers are clamoring for a picture of you guys, and that's what I'm going to do."

Unfortunately, Irene made her friends pose for the picture. Within a few minutes, a selfie of Irene, Mara, Stuart, Pearl, and Shara was uploaded on Instagram. "I can't believe this," Mara said to herself as she saw the picture.

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