Lustful ((RATED R))

David meet Coco at a Fight Fair concert one day and it's love at first site for both boys. When the realize they both go to the same school, life could never be better. But can they deal with the hateful comments and the burning desire between both of them? Find out in "Lustful"!


2. The Party (They're gay!)

David's POV:


He was cute, really really really fucking cute. The way he got all embarrassed when I looked at him made me want to suck on his neck until he squealed. Ok David, calm down. Coco was fidgeting in the passengers seat, looking uncomfortable. I smiled, "So. How are you?" He looked at me, startled. "I-I'm ok-k." I pulled into my friend Louis' driveway and told him, "Hop out, short stuff." He blushed.....again! We walked into Louis' house and I called out, "Hey guys!!! I got a very, very cute boy with me tonight!" My load of drunk friends turned to look at Coco and whistled, "HeLLO sugar baby!" Coco blushed crimson. I took his hand and lead him over to the kitchen, "Want something to drink?" He swallowed, "Can I just get some water?" I could tell this boy was NO party-guy. I shrugged. I got him a bottled water and walked with him into the living room. People were screaming and jumping to the loud music, boys were kissing their girlfriend's, girls were all over their boyfriends....I smiled slyly to myself and whispered to Coco, "Too bad we don't play for that team, huh?" He snapped his head around to look at me, "How do you know?! I-I mean....what do you mean.....I-I...." I put my hand on his inner thigh making him tense, "It's ok. I like boys too." Coco looked at me for a long time before finally saying, "Do you wanna go somewhere?" OOH I liked this boy very much!! I grabbed his hand and lead him into one of the bedrooms, I closed the door and faced him, "First time?" He nodded shyly. I put my hand on my hip, "I'm into control, you know. I like topping. And I don't whatsoever do anything 'normal.'" He looked a little scared, but he put on a brave face and said, "Bring it on."

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