Lustful ((RATED R))

David meet Coco at a Fight Fair concert one day and it's love at first site for both boys. When the realize they both go to the same school, life could never be better. But can they deal with the hateful comments and the burning desire between both of them? Find out in "Lustful"!


3. One Night Stands (Behind Closed Doors)



Coco's POV: Part One


I swallowed as he began kissing my neck and his hands met my inner thighs. I gasped as bit the skin on my collar bone, making my tingle. I felt aroused. He lowered me onto the bed and towered above me. He teased me by trailing his tongue over my stomach, making his way down. His fingers brushed my waistband and I felt myself harden. He lingered there for a while, I could hardly stand it. I whimpered softly and he smiled. He unzipped my pants and slid them down my legs. He took off his shirt and his perfectly chiseled body sent shivers through my spine. He slid his hands down my boxers and his hands met me. I gasped. He slid my boxers down so that I was fully revealed. He towered above me, his face inches away. I whimpered louder, he knew I wanted it. He reached for something in the drawer, a tie. What in the- He cut off my thoughts as he tied my hands above my head. He trailed his tongue down my chest and my stomach to my lower region, and then it happened. He took me into his mouth, and I moaned with pleasure. He swirled his tongue around my tip, and massaged me with his hands. I shivered, my thighs flexing. He bobbed his head up and down, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I squirmed. I was panting. Almost there.....  He went slowly, I needed him to go faster. I moaned in pain, I needed him to speed up. He smirked into me and went extra slow, for more emphasis. "Please...." I gasped. "Faster.....Faster......David.....U-Uhh." I was nearly there...O-Oh! I came into his mouth and swallowed me whole. Some residue was still on his lips, and he towered above my face and began to kiss me. His lips were salty and sweet, all at the same time. He stopped after a while and said, "My turn."



Author's Note: stay tuned for part two ;)

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