Lustful ((RATED R))

David meet Coco at a Fight Fair concert one day and it's love at first site for both boys. When the realize they both go to the same school, life could never be better. But can they deal with the hateful comments and the burning desire between both of them? Find out in "Lustful"!


4. My Turn (Behind Closed Doors 2)



Coco's POV:


I had no clue what David was planning to do to me, but I got the slightest idea when shimmied out of his pants and I was faced with him, bare. I blinked. "David, I never....." He smiled, "I know." He started kissing me and his hands trailed down to my ass. He squeezed me and I jumped. He giggled. He flipped me around so fast and held my arms behind me as he shoved me onto the bed. He tied my hands together again with the tie and my voice became muffled as it was cut off by the bed sheets. I heard him shift, and all of a sudden I felt a shooting pain in my ass. I yelled into the bed as tears threatened to spill over. He was so huge. He thrusted harder and harder, I squeezed my eyes shut. His hands moved around to my front and he began massaging me. I groaned from pain and pleasure. 



David's POV:


Damn.....I was panting now. I thrusted harder, holding his member in my hands, pleasuring him. He was moaning, from pain or need I didn't know. I teased him a little by stroking him slowly. Coco cried out, "I c-can't....." I pumped him harder and he moaned loudly. "D-David.....St-Stop....Please....." I knew this was becoming too much for him, but I wanted his first to be his best. I was almost there. He was tensing, he was close. I dropped his member and he whimpered, "No....don't stop." I grabbed hold to his ass and thrusted deeper into him. He cried out, "David...T-Touch me...Please...." I grabbed onto him again and as soon as I pumped him, he exploded all over my hand. That was it for me, I soon came into him and we both moaned for mercy. I pulled out of him, sticky from sex. I fell down next to him and untied his hands. He was panting. I pushed my hand up, still shaking, and brushed some hair away from his face. I kissed him softly, gently, and whispered, "How was that for first time?"

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