Lustful ((RATED R))

David meet Coco at a Fight Fair concert one day and it's love at first site for both boys. When the realize they both go to the same school, life could never be better. But can they deal with the hateful comments and the burning desire between both of them? Find out in "Lustful"!


1. Meeting You (Opening to Lust)

Coco's POV:


I ran down the aisles looking for my friend Thomas, though we all called him Tomo. Finally I found wrapped up with his girlfriend in aisle 20, row 1. He waved me over and pointed down below to a hot guy, flexing his muscles as he stretched. Tomo was the only one of my friends who knew I was gay, and I didn't need him flashing it around for his slutty ass girlfriend to see. I clenched my teeth and gave him the "look". He smiled like an asshole and just shrugged. When the concert started, everyone moved down below towards the front of the stage, as the place was not very big. Tomo and Alice (his girlfriend) we pumping their fists in the air to the beat of the music, as I was screaming the lyrics out loud. Suddenly, he noticed me. The guy who was stretching his muscles into perfection? Yeah, him, he turned around and smirked at me. I felt my cheeks turn red and I looked away. But nope, he came marching up to me and smiled, "I caught you staring at me you little queer," he said into my face. I felt myself panic. He smirked again, "What do you say we ditch this shit, and I'll show you a real party, eh?" I felt my throat swell, what could I say? He spoke again, "I've seen you around school, baby bear, and I like what I see." His hands trailed down to my belt and they were planted there firmly. I couldn't breathe. He jerked his head, "Come on. A friend of mine is throwing a party, I want them to meet you."

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